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How Dentist Clean Yellow Teeth- Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas

How Dentist Clean Yellow Teeth- Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

How Dentist Clean Yellow Teeth- Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas

Teeth whitening is getting cheaper by the day and more so very accessible. However, as demand gets higher, it paves the way for harmful whitening products, methods, procedures, and scams that eventually cause harm to the consumer.

Yellowing teeth is a common phase in aging. While the hair turns grey, the teeth turn yellow. Scientifically, it’s the inner part of the tooth referred to as dentin that turns yellow and certainly not the outer enamel as most people would think. As teeth repair themselves, the enamel gets thinner due to outerwear due to hard grinding, consumption of chemicals such as acids and the dentin gets darker eventually making the teeth yellow. Dentin’s color reflects through the enamel just like the prism making the tooth appear yellowish.

Besides normal aging, teeth can turn yellow due to taking tetracycline at a young age probably before ten just before your teeth are strong enough to stand chemical harm. Also, too much fluoride causes the teeth to turn yellow. According to dentists, there is a rare disorder known as Amelogenesis Imperfecta that causes the yellowing or browning of teeth. Also if you come from a family that possesses yellow teeth, genetics has it that you will eventually follow suit. Frequent consumption of coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, some soft drinks, stains the enamel.

What are the remedies?

Vital whitening

The most common type of tooth whitening uses a gel that contains concentrated hydrogen peroxide. The gel is then applied directly to the tooth surface. Tooth whitening can be done either at the dentist’s clinic or at home. Whichever method you choose to go forward with, it is better to note that your dentist will probably use a more powerful whitening gel and will do it professionally. A particular laser will be passed over your teeth to activate the gel and allow bleaching to occur at a faster rate.

Your dentist will take about 30 – 90 minutes, and after that, you will have about one to three checkup appointments. The number of appointments will depend on how severe your stains were and up to what level do you desire your teeth to be. The procedure isn’t complicated with the dentist first applying a substance that covers the gums then the whitening product is applied to the teeth. If your teeth are badly discolored, your dentist will suggest that you continue to whiten the teeth at home for the next couple of days. The whole process requires patience.

Non- vital whitening

Vital whitening may not improve the image of a tooth if the problem emanates from deep inside under the enamel. In this case, the dentist will whiten the teeth from inside. The whitening agent will be placed inside the tooth, and a temporary filling will cover it. The teeth will then be left for several days. The dentist will then determine if the procedure will be repeated or not until the tooth reaches a perfect shade.

Whitening toothpaste

In the case where you have minor stains, the dentist will prescribe you whitening toothpaste that will not be too harsh on your enamel but achieve the desired results.


This procedure makes use of some special instruments that are used to remove plaque and deposits that make the teeth yellow without harming or breaking your teeth. The ultrasonic scaler uses the vibrations to loosen and break apart the hardened deposits that firmly stick to teeth or even in between teeth. A water spray is then sprinkled on the teeth to wipe away the debris. The procedure should be conducted professionally to help prevent an unguaranteed mess.


The procedure goes hand in hand with scaling to remove stains bringing back the smooth, white and shiny sparkle. Polishing uses a soft rubber cup that spins spreading the whitening agents on your teeth.

It should be noted that tooth whitening is not a permanent solution. The yellowing may reappear depending on how well you take care of your teeth. However, the process can be done at home under the dentist’s instructions since the procedure is not complex. The dentist will also advise that you avoid smoking tobacco or consuming a lot of drinks and foods that happen to make the whiteness of the teeth fade.

Moreover, teeth whitening does not have serious side effects. Some have short term discomfort caused by the whitening agents but do not necessarily stay for long. In conclusion, before starting the whitening teeth process, it is essential that you visit a dentist for tests and instructions on the best methods to undertake. Scaling and polishing may not work for individuals whose dentin is the problem. On the other hand, non-vital whitening will not change the teeth’s appearance if the problem emanates from the enamel. You could visit Vita Dental for the best dental consultations and teeth whitening procedures.