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Dental With No Waiting Period?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

Dental With No Waiting Period?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best? 150 150 Tony

Dental With No Waiting Period?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

Most people are not covered for dental services in an employer’s plan hence the need to purchase their own dental insurance. The problem pops in when one signs a waiting period one was unaware. Unlike regular health insurance, which is bound to cover the consumer almost immediately in like a month or a few weeks, most dental insurance has a delayed response for coverage of all services or part of it. The waiting period for some dental plans could take from 6 months to even a year or even more. Most dental plans have long waiting periods to prevent patients from registering for dental insurance when they want to undergo expensive procedures like dental implants and ditching the plan and its premiums once the work is complete. Luckily, there are dental plans that offer immediate cover.

Types Of Coverage With No Waiting Time

  • Group Plan

Normally, group plans don’t have waiting periods. This is often in a case where the employer offers a group plan. In most cases, preventive procedures are covered immediately, while restorative and corrective procedures may wait a little while for approval from both parties. But if you are aware of a group dental plan cover at your company, you might as well take advantage of the process.

  • Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plans are not exactly insurances but they operate similarly to the insurance covers. These organizations have a network of dentists and dental service providers who negotiate the discount and payment plans and prices for the patients in need of immediate dental services. In most cases, you will have to pay a membership annual fee to have access to the dental services immediately at reduced prices. Discount dental plans have made things easier with the ability to pay less and access dental services immediately you sign up for the membership program.

  • Preferred Provider Organization

There are some insurance plans that do not have waiting periods and are organized as preferred provider organizations. These insurance companies work with various preferred providers who are dentists in the insurer’s network. If you take your time to visit your primary insurer, you may get lucky and get connected to one of the dentists in their network immediately. Although their rates and agreements differ, the advantage here is the “no waiting period”. Dental emergencies cannot wait no matter the rates.

What Treatments Have Waiting Periods?

Insurance companies exist because it is a business that covers emergencies needs. In most cases, the companies will organize dental procedures into three major groups: basic, major, and preventive. Let us have a look.

Preventive dental care entails on procedures that ascertain ones oral health is doing well. This may include x-rays for dental exams, routine dental cleanings, routine dental check-ups and other similar treatments.

Basic procedures are simple in nature and do not normally require a lot of skill, time, and resources. Such procedures include fillings, simple extractions, deep cleanings, filing, and so on.

Major procedures are often complex in nature and may even take more than one visit to complete. Also known are restorative procedures, normally use complex tools, high skills, and experience for the procedure to be named as a success. They include dental implants, oral surgery, dentures, crowns, and root canals; mostly invasive procedures.

Most insurance companies do not have waiting periods for preventive care procedures since they are cheap one may even decide to pay cash for the preventive procedures. For the basic procedures, it would take about 3 months to 6 months of waiting time for one to qualify. Major procedures take up to a year before the insurance company covers you. When purchasing a plan, be sure to go through all the documentation and also check on the waiting periods. Some plans may not suit your needs at the moment of need.

It is also important to note that all waiting periods are indicated on the insurance’s plans. In the case where you recently signed up for dental coverage and the insurance cover bails on you until the waiting period is over, you will be required to pay the bill right out of your pocket. Even after the waiting period is over, you will not be expected to demand a reimbursement. For this reason, be sure to understand all the guidelines into your insurance coverage.

Why Is Vita Dental The Best?

Vita Dental Spring has a team of highly qualified dentists and hygienists who strive to offer the best services in Spring. Vita Dental Spring is dedicated to offering payment plans and procedures that are affordable and fair to the patients. Whatever the payment method the patient decides to pay with whether insurance or cash, Vita Dental is ready to come into mutual terms with the patient. In case a patient enquires of an insurance company Vita Dental works together frequently with Cigna Dental and Careington Dental to offer the best covers a patient could ever ask for.