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Dental Tips for Kids

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Why Do Kids Need to Keep Their Teeth Clean?

Regular brushing is important for kids. Because kids’ teeth decay at faster rate than adults’ teeth do, kids are more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. Like many parents, you may not be very worried about kids getting cavities in their baby teeth — those teeth are going to fall out anyway, right? But tooth decay can have serious consequences for kids, even when it only affects milk teeth. These complications can include pain, problems chewing and eating, and premature loss of the baby teeth that causes the permanent teeth to grow in wrong.

Pain from decaying and infected teeth could keep children out of school, or affect their ability do chores or homework. Tooth decay could lead to nutrition problems or loss of permanent teeth. In the most severe cases, tooth decay could cause life-threatening bacterial infections. Luckily, it doesn’t have to come to that. Your dental health insurance should provide coverage for pediatric dental care. At Vita Dental, we accept most insurances.

Do You Know the Basics of Brushing for Kids?

Kids, like adults, should brush and floss twice a day. Have your kids brush and floss before or after breakfast, and make it the last thing they do at night before bedtime. Bedtime brushing does more than promote oral health — it helps establish a nighttime routine that tells kids it’s time for sleep. Don’t just tell your kids to brush their teeth and send them off to the bathroom. Brush with them, and act like you’re having a great time so they’ll want to join in.

Brushing with your kids will also give you the chance to make sure they’re doing it properly. With younger kids, you should let the child brush his or her own teeth first, then say, “Now it’s my turn!” and gently brush the child’s teeth yourself. Stand behind your child and hold his or her head in one hand while you brush the teeth from above. This will let you get into the back of the mouth.

How to Make Brushing Fun for Children?

You may be wondering how to make brushing fun for kids. Here are some ways parents make brushing fun:

  • Make up a playful song to brush and floss by
  • Buy your children colorful, fun toothbrushes decorated with their favorite cartoon characters
  • Tell your kids a story about the bacteria that are attacking their teeth, and encourage them to imagine they’re fighting the evil bacteria by brushing
  • Ask very young children to demonstrate tooth brushing on a doll, and explain each step

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