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Are Dental Offices Open On Saturday?

Are Dental Offices Open On Saturday? 150 150 admin

One of the most important days to dental offices in America, is surprisingly Saturday. We all know how dental offices can be overcrowded during weekdays. We all know how agonizing it is to wait in line for more than an hour just to see a dentist. Whereas most of us think that the dentists and management of the dental offices are unbothered by the long queues, they actually are concerned and do everything in their power to control the traffic in the offices. This is where Saturday comes into the equation.

Saturdays present the perfect opportunity for the dental offices to serve more people especially those that are not working during weekends. This is beneficial to both parties therefore as they have more time to handle issues which could not be addressed over the packed weekdays. Actually most people would prefer to visit a dentist on a Saturday because then, the dental visit will have not interrupted with the weekly schedule. Unless it is an emergency, most people will relish at the thought of visiting the office on Saturday and receive the services they are after.

Opening on Saturdays has actually become a very good marketing point for dental offices. Yes, people go online daily looking for dental offices open on Saturdays. It is therefore not surprising that dental offices will use the phrase open on Saturdays just to lure in more customers. The clinics and dental offices that generally open on Saturdays are likely to attract more clients than those which are more reserved and operate during weekdays. This is why more dental offices are making special arrangements with their staff members and clients to work on squeeze some appointments in Saturday and loosen up the tight schedules.

The other benefit of Saturdays is that the said patients will be granted appointment times when they are more than likely to show up. See, a lot of the time, patients are given appointments during weekdays and this conflicts with their working schedule. This means that their chances of showing up for the appointment are low and this is disappointing to the dentists. Missing an appointment without prior notice, inconveniences dentists big time and is counterproductive to say the least. The hours a dentist waits for a patient who ends up missing the appointment, could have been used elsewhere helping other patients who need urgent care. Research shows that most appointments made on Saturday were successful. This is why most patients will enquire whether the dentist will be available on Saturday so that they can choose it as their appointment day.

On the flipside, there are some patients who prefer to be served during weekdays and will spend Saturdays with their families. Such patients will not show up if you give them an appointment on Saturday. We all know that weekends are the perfect times for families to catch up and giving patients appointments is seen as an intrusion into bonding sessions.

Katy Dentist Open on Weekends– Some dental offices have staff members who are unwilling to work on Saturday as well. For an appointment to be successful, we all know that both parties have to agree to show up. Sometimes, the patients are willing to show up on Saturday but their dentists are unwilling because they too, need time with their families. It is imperative therefore for dental offices to make special arrangements with their staff members and agree on whether to open on Saturdays or not. Actually the resistance from some team members about working on Saturday, is a contributing factor to most patients turning down the offer to have appointment on the weekend. During weekends, most of the senior dentists and physicians are not present unless it is an emergency. Nobody wants to receive substandard services.

In general, more than 60% of the dental offices in America are open during Saturdays and the trend is on the rise. It seems that most dental offices are embracing the idea of offloading some of the pressure of serving patients during weekdays to Saturdays and it is duly paying dividends.

We at Vita Dental know how important it is to provide services on Saturday and are always open on Saturdays from 9a.m to around 2p.m. If you are in Katy or its surroundings are struggling to find a dental office that is open on Saturdays, then look no more because Vita Dental has got you covered. Our dentists and other stuff members are in agreement with the idea of working on Saturday and they will always be present for appointments and scheduled meetings. This means that the quality of services that you are going to receive on Saturday is no different from weekdays. Contact us today and talk to us about your busy working schedule and we will gladly schedule an appointment on Saturday for you.