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Dental Night Guards

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Dental Night Guards by Dentist in Spring Texas

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, tooth pain and a dull headache and you wonder why that is the case considering you went to bed the previous night feeling well? Well, the culprit behind these symptoms may be bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding, which is actually more common than you may think. This is because, as a condition, it affects about one-third of children in the U.S as well as about at least 20% of adults. Those with this condition usually suffer from teeth grinding and jaw clenching at night when they sleep. It is not a condition that is life-threatening, but the symptoms it comes with may be quite painful.

These symptoms are mentioned above and may badly affect one’s quality of life over time. This condition also leads to folks having sleep that is badly compromised in terms of both duration and quality. To compound it all, this condition has no cure. However, it is not all doom and gloom for people with bruxism as there are a number of ways one may leverage to alleviate its effects. One of them is the use of specialized mouthguards that are known as night guards. This article will look to get a bit into them and highlight some of the things you may need to know about them if you are looking to get them for your bruxism.

For people with bruxism, there are three main options available out there as far as night guards are concerned to help deal with the condition. The first option, and arguably the best of them all, is custom impression night guards, also known as dental guards. These are created using a detailed impression of the patient’s mouth and their dental profile. If your dentist prescribes night guards for your bruxism, a condition that they regularly check for during the regular checks and examinations, then they will have a custom night guard made for you. Given that these night guards will be designed specifically for you, they are the most comfortable of them all to wear, although they are also the most expensive option available.

The 2nd option available as far as night guards are concerned are boil-and-bite night guards, which are just like the mouthpieces worn by players in sports such as football, wrestling, basketball among others. With these night guards, you will place them in boiled water, which will soften the thermoplastic material that is used to make them.

Once it has softened enough, you will bite down on it to create a customized impression of your teeth. These night guards are cheaper than dental night guards. The last type of night guards are stock night guards which are a ‘one size fits all’ sort of night guard and aren’t made to fit one’s customized dental profile. They are the cheapest of them all. Dental night guards, or custom impression night guards, are however the best of them all.

Another thing worth noting about dental night guards, as has been alluded to earlier on, is their price. As mentioned above, dental night guards are the most expensive of them all and can cost hundreds of dollars, with the most expensive models going for as much as $500. Even though they are expensive, they are worth it though. Over at the excellent vita dental spring, for the folks of Spring Texas, the prices are extremely reduced to make them more affordable so you should ensure you check them out.

Another aspect of dental night guards that we should mention is the material that has been used to make them. They are usually made of two layers; a softer layer and a more rigid layer, which is what makes them so comfortable and effective. The experience and expertise your dentist has as far as both your teeth and bruxism is concerned, makes them the best place to go to for night guards; so that you can get your dental guards to be fitted for you.

They are the first line of defense as far as bruxism and treating teeth grinding is concerned and that is why one should head over to the dentist for dental night guards rather than getting boil-and-bite and stock night guards.

Going to your dentist for dental night guards will also allow them to try and get to the bottom of your bruxism and cure it if they can. If you are experiencing tooth grinding due to misaligned teeth, otherwise known as malocclusion in more professional circles, the dentist may be able to have this fixed and therefore be able to cure your bruxism. The dentist may also give you tips as well as referrals that will help you get to the bottom of your bruxism.

Though this is a condition that may have its foundations in unrelated health conditions and situations, it is one that can be eased and even treated with the help of a dentist, and especially through dental night guards.

If you are looking to get yourself dental night guards and are in Spring Texas, then you should head over to the excellent Dentist in spring Tx, which is the best one in the area.