Dental Issues You Need To Over Come Your Old Age To Stay Fit & Healthy
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Dental Issues You need to be Aware of As You Get Older

Dental Issues You need to be Aware of As You Get Older 150 150 Tony

Dental Issues You need to be Aware of As You Get Older

The best thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy in the golden years is to take good care of them now. If you have not been flossing or brushing as regularly as you should, start doing it now. Ageing does affect your oral health in different ways and it is essential that you become aware of these factors to better take care of your teeth.

  • Dry mouth

Saliva contains calcium and phosphate that protect your teeth. Saliva ensures the teeth get the minerals they need. However, as you age, the more you are at risk of suffering from dry mouth.

The number one cause of this issue is medication. A dry mouth can also be caused by smoking or an injury to your head that causes damage to your salivary glands.

A dry mouth is characterized by a sticky feeling in the mouth, cracked lips, trouble swallowing, and metallic taste in the mouth. Other symptoms include a dry throat, bad breath, and feeling thirsty.

Older people who suffer from dry mouth are encouraged to drink lots of water or to chew sugar-free gum or candies to stimulate saliva production. If you live in Spring Texas, visiting us at Vita Dental will be helpful in better protection of your teeth. 

  • Tooth decay

As people get older, their gums start to recede. This leads to exposure of the teeth roots. Further, a dry mouth makes the possibility of tooth decay very high. You will find that you have cavities on the surface of the teeth, around your root fillings or on the roots of your teeth.

The solution is to take fluorinated water or use a recommended fluoride toothpaste. Additionally, regular visits to your dentist are recommended as symptoms of cavities can be pinpointed early.

  • Gum disease

As you age, you might find it harder to maintain oral hygiene. Joint and hip problems might make it harder for you to floss or even brush your teeth. This may cause plaque to accumulate on the teeth surface.

Plaque provides a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. These bacteria produce acid that causes gum disease. You might find that you have swollen or bleeding gums which are symptoms of gingivitis. If gingivitis is not treated, it leads to periodontitis that is an advanced form of gum disease. The gum pulls away from your tooth and forms infected pockets.

The most recommended solution to gum disease is regular visits to your dentist.  At Vita Dental, our dentists will clean your teeth and treat gum disease in the early stages. Our dentist will also recommend certain toothbrushes and flossing tools that might make it easier for you to clean your teeth.

  • Shifting teeth

Teeth will shift slightly as you age. Older people will often complain that their food is stuck in certain parts of the teeth. Shifting of teeth creates gaps for plaque to accumulate.  Misaligned teeth can also damage the supporting bone or tissue or cause teeth erosion. You might thus need to see an orthodontist.

The best way to prevent problems caused by shifting teeth is to regularly see your dentist. The dentist will ensure your teeth are clean and if there is severe misalignment, he or she can recommend a visit to the orthodontist who will fit you with a spacer, retainer, or braces.

  • Tooth sensitivity

A major cause of tooth sensitivity in elderly patients is gum disease. The detaching of the gums from the teeth exposes more sensitive areas. Further, the wearing down of tooth enamel due to poor oral health, teeth grinding, or aggressive brushing can also lead to tooth sensitivity.

Regular dental visits are important so that the dentists can note any receding gums. The dentist will also recommend the best toothpaste to use and the right toothbrush to prevent wearing down of the enamel.

  • Oral cancer

The risk of getting oral cancer increases as you age. However, older people who smoke or drink alcohol are more at risk of getting this cancer compared to others. Nonetheless, the number of cases is on the increase as doctors have discovered that Human Papilloma Virus also causes oral cancer.

Regular dental visits are important as they include a check for oral cancer. If detected early one can beat this cancer. Your dentist will check your mouth tissues, throat and jaw during the oral cancer test. At Vita Dental, we perform the oral cancer check during your regular visits, as we know this test can save a life.

Ageing does not mean that you neglect your dental health.  Prevention is the best medicine for many dental problems associated with age. Daily mouth care is important. Additionally, regular dental visits are a necessity, as you get older.

If you live in Spring Texas book an appointment with us or visit us at our Vita Dental facility in Spring Texas, we can catch dental problems early enough and fix them easily and at a low cost. Our dentists will take good care of you even as you get older. We have friendly and experienced staff who make sure ageing does not mean doom to your dental health.