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Dental Implants Young Age – Too Young?

Dental Implants Young Age – Too Young? 150 150 admin

Dental implants have started gaining popularity as an option for tooth replacement.  This rise is attributed to by among other things, the ability of dental implants to not only replace missing teeth naturally but also its ability to even restore the root of missing tooth.  Most tooth replacement procedures just help replace a missing tooth without offering many provisions for the tooth root. Again, dental implants, unlike other options, do not alter the surrounding teeth. Instead, they are inserted into a denture, and a jawbone is allowed to grow around it naturally. It, therefore, makes healing easier and once complete, the implant which will often be of the color of your other teeth will feel, look and even function like any natural teeth.

Bone loss is a natural process that occurs in every human. The process of bone loss starts as early as the moment you first lose your first tooth naturally.  Once the first tooth is lost, your jawbone typically starts receding slowly. With time the jawbone diminishes so much so that it becomes difficult for older people to get dental implants and if nature is left to take its course, from this, premature aging may result

Which one dental implant is best for you?

There are a few types of dental implants that you can choose from depending on your capabilities and needs. They include;

  • Snap-in dental implants. These provide a dental stabilization solution for your dentures to stay in their right places. Snap-in dental implants give that firm, stable positioning of the dentures thereby making the implants more comfortable and functional enough for you. Snap-in implants can also be easily removed for cleaning and other general dental care. Any patient can use Snap-in implants, and they tend to be cheaper as compared to other types of implants.
  • Screw in dental implants. As the name suggests, this type of tooth implants is surgically screwed into the dentures of the missing tooth. Screw in dental implants are permanent and once affixed they provide high functionality as compared to the snap-in options. Pin in dental implants also varies depending on their cost, functionality and even aesthetic value.
  • Single and multiple dental implants. At times, a patient may require the use of a few options together in the replacement of tooth. As such, one may choose to get for instance use of a bridge or crown together with implants especially in cases where a robust long-term solution is desired in replacing missing teeth.

Some of the factors that will determine the best options for your dental implants include the funds available for the procedures, your dental replacement needs, your age and even the type of tooth replacement desired (permanent or removable).

Does age matter in getting dental implants

Now, when it comes to the dental implants, a patient’s age is one of the most vital considerations that should be taken into account. There are no legal provisions as to what age one becomes legible of dental implants. However, the process that involves dental implant placement is usually quite lengthy with numerous surgeries. Here are a few reasons why age is an essential factor in determining the legibility of getting the procedure;

  • Amount of jawbone. With dental implants, your jawbone will be required to grow around the implant to support it. Usually, younger candidates have a good amount of jawbone, and as one age, the jawbone starts to diminish slowly. It, therefore, makes old people unideal candidates for dental implants.
  • Too young patients may not have stopped growing yet. A patient who has not stopped growing, in this case, a child, is more likely to get future problems if this kind of implants is inserted. For one, this type of patient is more likely to have his/her jawbone continue to grow and this posses the risk of the jawbone distorting the position of the implant. Therefore, Vita Dentist in Spring Tx advises that patients who are, say, younger than 18 years will be better provided with other tooth replacement options until that time they are old enough.
  • Thirdly, a patient’s age largely influences his or her general health. Some health conditions like heart disease, radiation did on the head or neck area, and diabetes can make getting this procedure unideal. Again, diseases of the bone, gums or teeth can also prevent one from getting dental implants.

From the above, it is evident that age does play a very vital role in determining how ideal one is for the procedure. Too young candidates run the risk of getting future problems if this process is done. However, if you feel convinced that you or your younger one badly needs this procedure though very young, it will be prudent to get a professional assessment of your given case beforehand to determine the suitability of this process for you. But generally speaking, most dentists prefer candidates who are 18 above for this procedure.