Which One is The Better in Cost Dental Implant or veneers?
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Dental Implants vs. Veneers Cost – Which is Cheaper?

Dental Implants vs. Veneers Cost – Which is Cheaper? 150 150 admin

Tooth damage is a common medical condition especially today. In fact, many people across the globe suffer from different tooth-related conditions some of which are quite severe that they require immediate action like tooth extraction for the patient to get some relief. There are numerous reasons why someone may have missing teeth including loss due to medical extraction, accidental breakage, extraction for cosmetic purposes among other reasons. Living with a missing tooth can substantially and negatively impact on the quality of life one lives. To elevate this condition, today there are numerous options for tooth replacement and tooth restoration. Dental implants and veneers are among some of the most preferred tooth replacement options available. Dental implants are titanium posts used to replace a tooth that has been lost altogether. They are used to replace both the root and crown of the missing tooth. Veneers are resin or porcelain materials used to fill tooth crowns which are partially damaged or decayed.  Unlike implants, veneers are placed on top of damaged existing tooth to cover or get rid of the damage. Like the implants, veneers are also usually made to match a patient’s tooth color.

What informs choice between dental implants and veneers

Some factors can tell what to choose between dental implants and veneers including;

  • Level of tooth damage. So how much damage does a given tooth have? Veneers work best in cases where the injury or cavity is small whereas, the dental implant work best where the whole tooth is damaged or has been extracted Reason for this is, veneers are fillers designed to cover the gaps left after part of a tooth crown has been lost. Dental implants are designed to fill gaps where the whole tooth and its root has been lost. The implants restore both the root and crown of the lost or missing tooth.
  • Level of commitment. Commitment here is used to refer to an individual willingness to undergo a procedure. Dental implants are more intense and sophisticated as compared to veneers and as such, they require a patient to put more effort into the process if it is to become successful. Dental implants need commitment in the sense that it will take a longer time to heal and more effort to maintain the implants as compared to veneers.
  • Type of tooth replacement desired. Dental implants tend to be a more permanent solution for lost teeth. Veneers, on the other hand, can be said to be temporary in the sense that, with time the porcelain used in filling the gaps is eroded and need for another filling arises. Dental implants, on the other hand, can last as long as a lifetime especially when given adequate

Dental implants or veneers- which is cheaper

The cost of a procedure is one of the most important considerations that one must take before deciding to get the procedure.  The cost of dental implants or veneer insertion will usually vary depending on your location, the service provider you choose and even the type of individualized services desired. Generally speaking, veneers are less expensive as compared to dental implants. However, this does not necessarily mean that veneers are inferior in any way. In fact, a good number of tooth decay situations require a simple procedure like veneer filling to restore.

However, if the comparison is over time, the cost of veneers and that of dental implants will be even. Consider this scenario; veneers cost roughly around $1000 per single tooth, and this may last for approximately ten years. Dental implants, on the other hand, will cost roughly $5,000 per tooth for a considerably more extended period. If you do your calculations well, you will realize that actually, the cost of getting veneers is almost equal to that for getting dental implants. The difference only comes in when a patient preferring dental implants has to undergo additional procedures like grafting in cases where the bone density need to be improved before the actual placement of the implants. The cost of implants will also be higher due to the frequent dental checkups required to maintain them.  With veneers, you will rarely need such checkups thereby cutting on the cost of restoring your tooth using veneers.

Having said this, it is also important to note that both dental implants and veneers are useful tooth restoration options and your specific needs should only inform your choice. If you are looking for a temporary solution for your lost, decayed or damaged tooth, veneers will be ideal. Dental implants will be suitable for candidates looking for a more permanent solution for such problem and for those who are willing to make an effort required to maintain the implants. Either is useful as long as they are correctly inserted by well qualified and experienced personnel