Top Reason That Convince To Senior to Adopt Dental Implant
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Are Dental Implants Suitable for Seniors?

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Seniors? 150 150 admin

As a custom, old age is associated with a lot of health problems. Among the health problems related to old age are dental problems. As a result, people wonder if dental implants can work out with seniors who experience dental problems. The answer is yes. Why? Dental implants are associated with people of all ages hence can also work out with seniors. Another reason why they are good for seniors is,seniors, love to stay social, eat good food, and share great times with family and friends without the embarrassment and difficulties that come with the use of dentures. Similarly, dental implants have been efficiently used for the past fifty years as a replacement for missing teeth. To some, that may not be as convincing for them to trust that dental implants are suitable for seniors. The following are reasons that could lure you into adopting dental implants for seniors:

Old Age- Top Reason to Adopt Implant

  • They Improve their Facial Appearance

Due to bone loss which is brought about by missing teeth, the face tends to sag thus closing the distance between the tip of the nose and the chin causing the skin around the cheeks, eyes and the mouth to appear looser and more wrinkled. With dental implants put, there would be no bone loss thus no facial sagging occurs. As a result, the age one’s face is reduced because the wrinkles disappear.Dental implants allow one to maintain their natural face shape and smile.

  • Seniors get to Lead Normal Lives

With dental implants in place, seniors can eat the type of foods they so desire thus leading to increased nutrition. They can also stay social with family and friends as they do not have to put falling dentures back into place.Moreover, they get to taste whatever they are eating.

  • They do not Require Special Skills for Maintenance

Unlike with dentures, care and maintenance for dental implants are similar to that given to natural teeth which are brushing and flossing with regular visits to the dentist. Hence, the aged do not have to go through the struggle of being taught new methods of maintenance which probably they would find hard to grasp,adopt and follow.

  • Improves their General Health

Gaps resulting from missing teeth tend to harbor food particles and bacteria. These bacteria can travel from the mouth to the heart thus leading to heart disease. They could also move to other body parts and result in additional different diseases. With dental implants in place, the bacteria and food particles are not harbored. Thus seniors are not likely to contract some disorders, and this will lead to the improvement of their general health.

  • They are Comfortable

Dental implants are pain-free thus seniors will lead a life that is worry-free because they will not have to keep thinking about the implant or the pain the implants are causing. It attributes to making their lives very comfortable.

  • They are not Harmful to the Body

Dental implants are made of titanium that when placed into the gum fuses with the living bone cells over time. Because they do not produce toxic substances into the body after being fixed into the jaws, they are not rejected by the body. It means that they also do not hurt the body of the senior thus no health issues. Also, dental implants are the only alternative technique that stimulates your natural bone under the missing teeth.

  • They are Dependable

Dental implants are permanently fixed into jaw lines thus they are not removed, unlike dentures. It saves the patient the time and energy used to put dentures back into places. Due to their permanent nature, one can efficiently speak without faltering in their speech or implants falling off from the mouth resulting in embarrassment.

  • They are Long Lasting

Dental bridges last for about five to seven years, but with proper care, they can last upto ten years. Dental implants last a lifetime only since they are easy to maintain. They are cost-effective because one does not incur too much maintenance cost as compared to that of managing dental bridges.

  • There is no Occurrence of cavities

With natural teeth,there is the occurrence of cavities. It is not a familiar phenomenon with dental implants. An individual only visits his or her dentist for their regular check-ups but not tooth treatment.It makes seniors comfortable, pain-free and most important of all, worry-free.

In conclusion, dental implants are safe for seniors. For the sake of clarification and erosion of doubt, you can visit a credited dentist who could advise you and clear your doubts.You could also log on to Vita Denta Spring where you can find all these and much more information on seniors dental implants and probably lure you into using dental implants to solve dental problems experienced by seniors