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Dental Implants with Insurance – Where to Get Them?

Dental Implants with Insurance – Where to Get Them? 150 150 admin

The good news is that your insurance company can pay for your dental insurance. However, it is not that easy. There are some things, which you should understand if you want to pay for your implants with coverage. Here are some of the useful facts on this topic that we at Vita Dental Spring think will be of use to you.

In a typical health insurance policy, you are covered for the cost of teeth replacement. Dental implants are designed specifically for this purpose. However, the insurance company will usually only pay for the option that costs the list. Implants are not on that list.

The insurance company will pay for a part of your implants but not all. The rest of the money will have to come from your pockets. It is the reality, which most people face. However, there are still a few workarounds to this issue.

  1. Check a Few Dentists and Negotiate

If you want to finder a lower rate, go to two or three more dentists and ask for their opinions. You may find that there are different ways to get the implants and the costs may be lower.

  1. Request for a dental discount plan recommendations from your dentist

You can request your dentist to direct you to a dental discount plan that he or she uses or recommends. It could help you to cut the costs of your procedure. Besides that, ensure the dentist gives you a cost estimate from the start. That way, you will have a good idea of the out of pocket costs you may have to incur.

  1. Stretch your Procedure

Most dental insurance policies will have an annual benefits limit of between $1000 and $2000. However, a single implant may cost as much as $3000. To overcome this problem, you can straddle the procedure over two years. You just schedule your first visit at the end of the year and then carry the procedure over to the New Year.

Besides that, keep in mind that some dental instance policies require you to wait for months or even a year before you can access some of the benefits. If you are in immediate need of dental implants, keep this in mind when making any decisions.

  1. Consider Using Dental Saving Plans

These plans are not insurance cover, but they can help you afford the dental implants. They work just like any other saving-type membership plan. To join them, you have to pay an annual fee. You will often get pre-negotiated discounts from the dentists in their network. Best of all, these discounts extend to dental implants and even to cosmetic dental surgery.

  1. Company Aid

In some cases, companies have a benefits package that may include dental insurance cover. If you are not sure, do some research and then speak to the HR department.

  1. Use a Flexible Spending Account

An FSA is a like an investment account but one that is used for health bills. If your employer utilizes an FSA, you could save some tax-advantage money, which you can use to cover the cost of the implants. It could help to reduce the out of pocket costs that you incur. However, you need to understand the strings that come attached to it. For instance, it may have maximum spending limits or a “use it or lose it” clause.

  1. Use a Dental School

Some people may not like this option, but it is still a great one. Most dental schools will allow students to perform procedures such as dental implant under close supervision. In most cases, already they are dentists doing some extra schooling to become specialists.

  1. Travel Abroad

Many people have utilized medical tourism and gotten positive results. In fact, some people who live near the Mexican border prefer to drive there on the weekends for their dental work. The best part about it is that they are quite cheap.

Are planning to have a significant procedure done? Ensure you look for the right dentist to do the procedure. Do your research carefully and find a country with a stable medical tourism industry.

  1. Utilize Credit

Most dental offices will have a working relationship with a health finance company. If you get approval, such an organization will lend you the money you need to acquire your dental implants. However, if you plan to use debt to pay for the procedure, you may as well check your credit card first. Some pay points, which you can redeem and use to pay for your implants.

  1. Consider Self Financing

Life insurance builds cash value over time based on their set policies.You can use this to finance the implants. If you use your life insurance policy to borrow money, you will receive cash without making credit checks, job history, and best of all, you get to pay back on your terms.