What to Do when Dental Implant Hurting After Procedure?
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Do Dental Implants Houston Hurt?

Do Dental Implants Houston Hurt? 150 150 admin

The idea of getting a dental implant is quite frightening. You would get frightened as soon as you hear that the procedure involves bones, screws, gums, and surgery. Well, the truth is that the experience is entirely different and not what anyone would imagine. If you are wondering whether dental implant Houston hurt, Spring Dentist care gives you an idea of what you can expect here.

The Dental Implant procedure

The first thing to do is usually getting the best dental implant specialist in Houston who will perform the procedure for you. The thing about dental implant surgery is that it is not an overnight process. It takes several visits to your dentist for the operation to be complete. The first step when you commence your treatment will be examining your health and jawbone density. Once the dentist gives you a nod to go on with the surgery, you can schedule another appointment during which the procedure will be performed.

Most of the times the surgery is conducted without the use of significant anesthetics. In fact, most patients usually stay away throughout the procedure. A local anesthetic and a light sedative will be used, however, to keep you relaxed. You can, also, request to be sedated further if you so wish. All these will make you relaxed and genuinely and well numb. The fact that the jawbone has fewer pain receptors means you can expect very little pain. Once you are set, the dental implant expert will drill your jawbone, implant the Titanium root into your jawbone and stitch the small wound. You will then be released for the jawbone to integrate with the new root. The dentist will offer you the necessary instructions to keep you going, antibiotic to prevent infection and painkillers just in case you will need them.

From the surgery, the only pain you can expect is the small pitch when the needle is being injected to administer anesthetics.

After the implant procedure

Dental implant procedure is a surgery that involves exposing a part of your jawbone. As such, a few days after the procedure you can expect some minor swelling of the area or even some bruising. You may feel some pain in the cheeks, chin, the jawbone or below the eyes. It may last for just a couple of days before the pain subsides. During this period, you can use the painkillers and a pack of ice to numb the pain. Use the antibiotics to keep the exposed area uninfected and keep your mouth clean throughout by regularly rinsing with mouthwash and fresh water. In case you have any worries and concerns about the growing pain, contact your dentist and have them address the matter as soon as possible.

The pain usually lasts for just a couple of days and healing is smooth and eventless. Most of the patients who have undergone the procedure before can bear witness to the fact that the discomfort I quite minimal, even less than that of a tooth extraction.

Factors that may cause discomfort

Some of the factors that can cause you to experience more pain than you should include:

  • A loose implant due to insufficient bone volume
  • If the caps placed on top of the implants are lose
  • If a nerve was damaged during the drilling process and not treated
  • If the drill used was too hot such that it resulted in a bone burn
  • In case the stitched area has been infected and not treated
  • The jawbone is rejecting the implant.

Keeping the pain away

It is recommended that you first acquire the services of a skilled and experienced Houston dental implant expert to perform the surgery. The more experienced they are, the quicker and painless the procedure will be. Be sure to follow the instructions provided faithfully after the surgery. The guidelines help to accelerate the healing and prevent infections. You, also, should relax and take it easy for a few days post the surgery. Avoid operating heavy machinery and doing any vigorous exercise that may cause more damage. Stay at home for about a week or two and rest.

While you might want to have your favorite meal, for those few days after surgery, you should consider avoiding foods that may cause irritation and injury. The best foods are the soft and smooth foods that don’t require too much-chewing action.

The worry about pain after the surgery is entirely legitimate. Anyone can be scared when they are going for an operation. However, having enough knowledge of what the dental implant procedure looks and feels like helps a great deal to know what to expect. Yes, there will be little pain after the process, but it will be just for a short while. If your pain does not show any signs of subsiding after ten days, consult your Houston dental implant specialist and have them check you up. In case of any complications, have it rectified as soon as possible.