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Are Dental Implants Dangerous – Implantes Dentales

Are Dental Implants Dangerous – Implantes Dentales 150 150 Sophy

Dental implants are a prevalent option for missing teeth. Many people live with them for many years without any complaints. However, there are others that develop problems after undergoing this procedure. These tips are useful in illustrating the dangers that are brought about by getting dental implants.

Potential Dangers of Dental Implants

Nerve damage

When an implant is placed incorrectly, it may cut into a nerve. Such damage can even result in numbness in the chin, lips, and cheek. The remaining natural teeth can also experience numbness and discomfort.


One of the significant risks of dental implants is that of infection. It is primarily attributed to poor dental hygiene. Some people do not clean their teeth after consuming food. Also, even if they floss, they do it incorrectly. This improper care allows for bacteria to accumulate.

Additionally, people that smoke or utilize any other tobacco product are at high risk of getting infections.

Infection is hugely attributed to the implant getting rejected.

Sinus issues

Whenever dental implants are being inserted into the upper jaw, their positioning could result in their bulging into the sinus cavity. In this case, the individual will get a tingling or aching feeling. Also, the sinus cavity can experience amplified pressure, which can also bring about pain and headaches. In some instances, you could experience severe migraines due to the pressure and pain in the sinuses.


Some individuals are allergic to metallic elements like nickel.Nickel is one of the elements present in titanium dental implants, which are the most common today. Some of the symptoms include blisters, dry patches, redness, itching, or bumps. Such reactions are likely to go on for a month. Also, they could lead to respiratory complications including asthma and nasal inflammation.

An allergic reaction to the implant will thus mean that the implant is unsuccessful, and it would have to be removed. It translates to a waste of time and money.


It is a disease characterized by inflammation.It is brought about by a bacterial infection in addition to the progressive loss of the jawbone where the implant is positioned. Dentists are still not fully aware of the way to treat it even as the cases continue to increase.

This disease usually comes after a much milder one, known as peri-implant mucos it is. Nevertheless, the latter is treatable. Warning signs include swollen and red gums besides there being some bleeding when they are probed. It only develops into peri-implant it is when it remains untreated.

Proneness to other diseases

Titanium implants are made from a metallic element. Therefore, once they are implanted, they will begin releasing metal ions into the mouth. Such exposure will cause inflammation and autoimmune illnesses.

In several instances, the health issues in numerous people usually commence after getting dental implants, primarily those that are titanium-based.

  • Some have been found to have joint, muscle, and nerve pain.
  • There is also those that get chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Others develop neurological problems.
  • Some have been found to become depressed.
  • Others developed skin inflammation.

Removal of these implants increases the chances of reverting to normal functioning.


Having a metallic substance in the mouth increases the risk of galvanic toxicity. When other dissimilar metals are introduced in the mouth, it mirrors a charged battery. Oral galvanism then occurs since the mouth starts acting like a battery.

A battery is usually composed of at least two different metallic substances and a liquid medium to enable conduction of electricity. Therefore, with dental implants, one should not introduce other dissimilar metals such as fillings, partials, or crowns to avoid creating a battery.

Oral galvanism creates two major problems. Firstly, these currents amplify the corrosion rate of any restorations that are metal-based. Secondly, these currents could lead to other issues such as nerve shocks, unexplained pain, inflammation, and ulcerations. Others may get a constant salty taste.

The Dentist You Use Matters

You need to have an experienced and professional dentist conducting the surgical procedure of having the dental implant. In this way, you will save money and time. An inexperienced one is likely to make a mistake that will lead to the recovery duration being prolonged. Hence, ensure that the specialist has been in practice for a substantial period.

Experience comes with knowledge. A dentist that knows what he or she is doing amplifies the likelihood of a successful procedure. Therefore, make sure that the specialist is well informed on dentistry.

A qualified dentist will also note any anomalies during the regular checkups. This early detection can be instrumental in averting consequences that would have been experienced if the issue remained undetected.

An excellent option for those in Texas is Vita Dental. The dentists at this facility are vastly experienced besides having significant knowledge in the field.

In summary, with these tips, one can see the dangers that come with getting dental implants, primarily the ones that are titanium-based. Nevertheless, getting a qualified dentist is imperative in avoiding such outcomes.