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Are Dental Implants Better than Dentures? – Implantes Dentales

Are Dental Implants Better than Dentures? – Implantes Dentales 150 150 admin

Due to different circumstances, you may find yourself having missing teeth. However, you do not have to live your life that way. You can have your smile restored. Some of the most frequently used tactics include dental implants and dentures. To decide which of the two is right for you, it would be wise to consult a specialist. For those in Texas, visiting Vita Dental would be helpful in this regard.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants entail replacing teeth through surgical implants being placed into the jawbone. One can replace as many teeth as they want with this option. They are a good option for those whose jaw and gums are healthy.

What are dentures?

Dentures are replacements that one can take out and put back into his or her mouth. With time, they have been made to generate the same feeling as the natural teeth. Also, they have become more comfortable. They are a good option for people whose jaws are unhealthy or weak.

Facial structure

Dental implants are positioned into the jawbone thus preserving it. In this way, they maintain one’s facial structure. You even get to remain looking young.

Dentures usually contribute to the receding of the jaw bone structure.If the jawbone quality is left undeterred, it has a high likelihood of distorting the facial structure. You could even look older than you are.

Prevention of bone loss

Dental implants manage to preserve the jawbone since implants enable a replacement of the root of the missing tooth. In this way, the jawbone is stimulated. Therefore, it manages to sustain its density besides preventing shrinkage. Nevertheless, this is not the case with dentures. Since there is no stimulation of the jawbone,bone loss could be experienced.

How they feel and look

Dental implants are fittedalongother teeth thereby they will function and feel like the rest. One has no fear of smiling thus boosting their self-esteem. Not many can tell of their presence unless there is a grey line indicating titanium implants.

However, with dentures, they feel unnatural and fake. Such discomfort is also likely to result in one fearing to smile. It, in turn, diminishes one’s self-confidence when interacting with others face-to-face. Their look is also not natural since acrylic is what people get to see rather than the actual gum tissue.


Dental implants are made to fit comfortably. It is because they are securely attached. They are also stable and strong. On the other hand, dentures can slip and move around. In this way, they can bring about discomfort.

Need for adhesives

Once dental implants are fixed, no other procedure is necessary, and they will function like natural teeth. Conversely, with dentures, adhesives will be required. It is especially crucial after there is bone shrinkage, which causes looseness of the dentures. Using adhesives helps in filling gaps created by the shrinkage.

Chewing capacity

Dental implants augment one’s chewing capacity since they replace missing teeth. However, dentures have a limited chewing ability. One is even advised to avoid consuming particular food items. Such a restriction may make it more challenging to get a balanced diet, which is essential in your overall health.

Duration of use

Dental implants are a lastinganswerto missing teeth. They are expected to last for no less than twenty years once they heal correctly after being inserted.

Dentures do not last the same duration. They require constant maintenance. It is because they need remaking, relining, or rebasing owing to normal wear. Additionally, as you grow older, your mouth experiences natural changes.These alterations bring about the loosening of the teeth, which is an irritant to the gums besides causing the chewing to be difficult.

The care that one must undertake

Caring for the teeth is still imperative for both options. Nevertheless, the level of care that is necessary is different. For dental implants, one only needs to clean them just like the other teeth.

For dentures, one must remove them regularly to facilitate cleaning. When removing them, it is prudent to stand over some water or a towel. It will prevent breakage if you drop them. Also, you should not allow them to dry out. It is for this reason that one has to place them in plain water when they are not in your mouth.

Additionally, this practice is to be done daily since they are never to be left in the mouth overnight. It is done to allow the gums to recover.

Effect on the surrounding teeth

After the jaw has healed properly, dental implants do not affect the surrounding teeth. They co-exist together for many years.

However, partial dentures are known to weaken the other natural teeth giving them support. Their use may even require the other teeth to undergo a slight adaptation to facilitate the accommodation of the dentures clasps.

In summary, the aspects listed above are instrumental in illustrating that dental implants are better than dentures.