Will Dental Implants Affect An MRI? Why Vita Dental Spring Is Best?
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Are Dental Implants Safe For MRI?

Are Dental Implants Safe For MRI? 150 150 Tony

Can MRI be done with metal implants? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become one of the most essential and lifesaving tools for patients with problems in the head or neck region. As a patient with a dental implant, you might be concerned if the implant will affect the MRI image. MRI scanners use powerful magnets to scan a part of the body and to show the image of the soft tissue. The magnetic fields used can be 10,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field. This strength can interact powerfully with some types of metals.

How do dental materials interact with a magnetic field?

In order for any material to interact with the magnetic field in an MRI, it should have a property referred to as ferromagnetism. Some of the common materials that have such properties include nickel, cobalt, iron, and the alloys of these metals including stainless steel. Many of these metals can be found in materials used in dentistry and will most likely result in the disappearance or distortion of the MRI image. This will result in errors or loss of important information in MRI images.

The powerful magnetic field of the MRI will attract any ferromagnetic objects in your mouth and may cause different effects including:

  • Projectile accidents

This is one of the worst interaction where the MRI magnetic field will pull the restoration out of your mouth. This can cause injuries to you or to others who are nearby

  • Damaged or dislodged restorations

The magnetic field might not be strong enough to remove the restoration but can break, move, or deform dental restorations. This can hinder the functionality of your restoration or even cause long-term damage.

  • Thermal burns

Some metals will react to the magnetic field by heating. They absorb the energy from the magnetic field as heat can cause serious burns.

  • Distortion of visual images

This is one of the common effects of the interaction of metals and the MRI magnetic field. The metal will distort the radio waves or magnetic field from an MRI, which will distort the image captured. This can make it impossible to capture the right image.

Will my dental implant affect an MRI image

Most dental implants are made from non-ferrous metal. Titanium and composite are non-ferrous and they are not magnetic. Thus, they will not react to the magnetic field in the MRI scan. They metals will also not distort the images from the scan. Therefore, it is safe to undergo an MRI when you have a titanium or composite implant.

However, we still recommend that you inform the doctor who is performing the MRI that you have an implant. If you have any removable dentures or bridges, they will need to be removed before the scan and put in a separate room. Even if you think your dental implant will not interfere with the scan you still should inform the doctor and the radiologist so that they can perform the needed procedures.

In some instances, the alloy of the titanium in the implant may contain a ferronematic substance. You might find that the alloy is part of the crown or bridge. If this is not considered and you have a number of implants, they can cause an obstruction in the region of interest. The more the metal the greater the distortion.

The dentist or doctor should know what the implant is made of and if there is any crown or bridge attached to the implant, he should be made aware of this too and the material used on them. Your dentist also needs to know the part of the body with the material so that he or she can decide if there is anything that needs to be done before you undergo the imaging procedure.

Why Vita Dental Spring Is the Best

  • Titanium implants

Dental Implants safe for MRIAs we have stated above titanium implants do not pose a risk when you have an MRI. However, some dental implants can have titanium alloys that might have nonferrous metals that can interfere with an MRI. At Vita Dental, all our implant components from the abutments, cover screws, and the crown are made from high-quality grade 4 titanium. Even if you will undergo an MRI in the future, you can be sure that you will be safe with implants attached from our facility.

  • Friendly staff

Sometimes you might have had your dental implant attached from another facility and after an MRI scan, you might have noticed that there was some interference with your implants. If you need another dental procedure to restore your implant, we will gladly do it. At Vita Dental we will listen to your concerns and give you the care that you need. Our dentists and staff are friendly and will make your visit as stress-free as possible.

  • Consistent and personalized care

Every patient who comes to our facility is treated like family. We make it our business to know how you are faring on after any dental procedure. When you come for checkups after an MRI dental fillings procedure, we will thoroughly examine you to ensure you are in perfect health. We also keep in touch with our patients as we consider them our family.