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Dental Implants without Insurance- What to Do?

Dental Implants without Insurance- What to Do? 150 150 admin

Dental implants are the best at restoring a smile destroyed by the lack of a single or more teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and provide permanent solutions to individuals who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants are conjoined to the bone structure which helps you maintain the strength of your jaw bones enabling your artificial teeth to work as well as your natural teeth would. The immense cost can inhibit unfortunately this quest to bring back a beautiful smile that dental implants entail. In the United States, a dental implant cost ranges averagely from $1,000 to $5,000 which are not amounts you would come across easily. Unfortunately, dental insurance does not cover dental implants given its categorization as cosmetic rather than a dental procedure. That is why this article has provided a compilation of all the relevant methods that would allow you get dental implants at an affordable rate courtesy of Vita Dental Spring.

Dental Implant at Affordable Price

Dental Tourism

Dental tourism entails traveling to developing countries such as Hungary, Costa Rica, Mexico, Malaysia, Croatia, Romania, and India just to name a few, in search of affordable dental implant rates.The procedure has been found to cost way less than what you would expect to pay in a developed country such as the US, the UK, Canada, Japan and the likes. Itis, however, imperative that you cross check the licensing standards and regulations of the country you intend to visit for this procedure. The legitimacy of the specialist who will perform your dental implant is of importance as well. Thus you should seek for their credentials before your dental procedure. You can also explore the reputation of the institution that will handle your dental implant. All in all, it is vital that you conduct a proper research on the background of the people and organization you are going to let handle your oral cavity.


For some individuals financing the procedure would take a while but in due time would be achievable. The dental implants, however, may be required rather urgently relative to the amount of time it would take to acquire the amount needed. That is where credit comes in; whereby you seek out the assistance of a financial company that will pay for your dental work. After which you will pay them back within an agreed interval of time paid in applicable fees and interest. The only requirement to qualify for the credit, in this case, is a credible and agreeable credit score. The permanence factor of a dental implant makes this procedure worth a loan, given that you would not need any dental work in the future.

School Dentistry Program

In some dentistry schools,there are dental implant clinics meant to give recently graduated students hands-on experience by performing the procedure on actual people at a minimal cost. The program is usually purposed to assist low-income individuals; this may take a while if you are not in this category. That, however, does not make their service any less efficient. If anything it is better given that the procedure is discussed and supervised by experienced dentists, dental surgeons, and dentistry professors.

Compare Geographical Locations

It is the fundamental knowledge that the cost for a dental implant procedure from a dentist in a large city relative to a dentist’s in a small town would significantly vary. The cost of living within a given geographical area is a significant implication of what it would cost for a procedure such as a dental implant. A dentist operating within an urban center would charge you more compared to the alternative considering the cost of living that they are trying to keep up with amidst other overhead costs on their business. You might be surprised that the increasing cost of traveling to the small town plus having the procedure done there could cost you a fraction of what you would spend in your city.

Seek-Out Charitable Organizations or Dental Societies

There are charitable organizations and dental societies that operate on a non-profit basis, which offer free or low-cost dental implant procedures for individuals they may consider deserving. The merit may be based on demographics such as victims of war or domestic violence, physically challenged individuals women and children. You can find a list of state and county associations that would offer this kind of services from the online directory of the American Dental Association.

A Fundraising Campaign

You can set-up a page online with details as to why you would need a dental implant procedure, which may entail a video for a more convincing approach. Then you can send the link to family, friends, your local church community and colleagues among others. Information on how the implants may improve your life as well as how that money will be spent could help to convince your potential donors. It is, however, not comfortable to ask for money so that this option could work best as a last resort.

Conclusively, dental implants can be expensive but not impossible to get, if you know the alternatives to get by acquiring that procedure. Hopefully, this article will point you in the right direction in getting an affordable dental implant despite the lack of insurance.