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Cavities: How and Why Do Dentist Fix Cavities for Children?

Cavities: How and Why Do Dentist Fix Cavities for Children? 150 150 Tony

Cavities: How and Why Do Dentist Fix Cavities for Children?

Everyone is born with baby teeth and about 60 percent will experience some kind of tooth decay that affects even the milk teeth. It can be tempting to overlook the problems of baby teeth since they eventually fall off at between 6 to 12 years. However, keeping the baby teeth healthy is important. Cavities result from tooth decay due to a plaque on the surface of teeth. In children, cavities spread faster since the enamel is thinner. Here is how and why we at Vita Dental Spring fix cavities in children.

The Milk Teeth Also Get Fillings

Though the baby teeth are not permanent, they are the teeth that your kid will have for many years until they get adult teeth. To preserve the oral health of your child, the dentist will opt to drill cavities in baby teeth and fill them. The primary teeth are useful in helping to direct the permanent teeth to come out properly. Thus, losing the baby teeth could affect the permanent teeth.

How are fillings for baby teeth made?

As with the adult teeth, the baby fillings are made of white composite or amalgam. Other materials such as ceramic and gold are rarely used for kids. The metal fillings are popular for kids since they require little time to place in the mouth. Besides that, they are quite cheap compared to composite fillings.

Though your kid might not like how the metal filling looks like, choosing a cost-effective option for teeth that will fall out is a smart move. Besides that, we at Vita Dental Spring find that your insurer may actually dictate what fillings you can use.

Our dentists at Vita Dental Spring will drill the decayed teeth as needed. Depending on the amount of damage, the dentist will fill the tooth or create a crown for it. To ensure the fillings or crowns last, the kids need to maintain good oral hygiene.

Decay Might Recur

However, the dentist works hard to get rid of all decay, sometimes the decay may recur. Teeth with cavities, even with decay removed, have a high chance of cavity recurring. When the decay recurs, the dentist will have to replace the filling, remove the decay, and re-fill the teeth.

Trauma could also lead to fillings and crowns

Tooth decay is just one of the reasons that require fillings. If trauma happened to the teeth and caused a cracked, a filling is needed. Other issues that could lead to fillings are improperly shaped teeth, underdeveloped teeth, and chipped teeth. Dentists will opt for crowns on the back and front teeth instead of fillings. This ensures that the crowns provide better correction to the damaged teeth than a filling could.

Extraction is at times needed

Preserving the baby teeth is important. The reason for this is that maintaining the right amount of space for adult teeth to come is important. However, your dentist could recommend that the baby teeth be pulled out, if the decay is too advanced, leading to pain and gum issues for children. Most dentists will fill the space with a prosthetic to ensure there is enough space for the adult teeth.

The kids may get laughing gas

When the children are getting a cavity filled, the dentist may use laughing gas. For children, this gas helps to reduce anxiety. It also helps to distract them from the pain of getting a shot in the gums and getting the tooth drilled. In some cases, the laughing gas will not work. Thus, the dentist will opt to use an orally administered sedative. Besides that, not all dentists utilize nitrous oxide like the ones at Vita Dental Spring. Thus, you might want to check first if you are visiting another dentist.

The fillings per sitting will depend on the kid

When the dentist fixes the cavities in kids, they will do all cavities at once. However, they may only do one per session. This will usually depend on the child. Some of the kids are okay sitting in the dental chair for long periods. However, others get fidgety after a while.

Dentists want kids to feel as comfortable as possible and if it means making multiple appointments, it is what they will do. Trying to offer quality dental care to a kid when they are screaming and crying is not an acceptable scenario for the dentist or the kid.

If you have anxiety about your child getting their first filling, our dentists can help to end the anxiety. We will create a treatment plan that is best suited to your kid. The aim is to preserve the milk teeth until their adult teeth develop. The most crucial thing for you to do is to ensure your kid maintains proper oral hygiene. This way, they will never require dental fillings. To do this, ensure you talk to them often and show them by example, how to care for their milk teeth.