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How to Care of Dental Implants After Surgery

How to Care of Dental Implants After Surgery 150 150 admin

If you have some missing teeth, a dental implant will be a great way for you to get back your wonderful smile. This surgical procedure requires certain precautions for it to work.

Here are a 15 tips that  will help you get the perfect smile

  1. Do not irritate the implant

Once you have an implant in place, it can be quite tempting to poke at it. You will most assuredly spend a few hours after the operation just examining the implant in a mirror. However, you should avoid touching it. You will have an urge to do so, but that can cause inflammation. It can also cause it to come loose from your mouth.

  1. Use salt water to rinse your mouth

Brushing your teeth after getting a dental implant is definitely out of the question. You will thus have to use salt water to keep it clean. Swish around your mouth with salt water about three times a day. Do this for about a week after you received the implant.

  1. Stay calm

Do not engage in strenuous physical activity. Give your body time to heal and recover from the procedure. Pushing your body to its limits after getting the implant will only make it much harder for your body to recover from the operation.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

The dental implant will have to build bone around it. That way, it is going to become stable and useful for eating. That means you will need to consume a diet rich in calcium. It will give the body the nutrients it needs to secure the implant firmly in place.

  1. Avoid contact sports

Even a slight knock a few days after the implant has been put in place can send it flying off. Besides that, it could shift out of position, which will cause it to become a problem for you. For instance, it could bend in a manner that causes it to irritate your gums.

  1. Examine it often

After the implant has been put in place, you will have to monitor it often. You should check to see if there is any bleeding or swelling of the gums around it. If you notice any complications, you need to contact your dentist.

  1. Brush with care

After a while, you will be able to upgrade from rinsing with salt to using a toothbrush. However, you will still need to take great care. You may even need to use a special interdental brush.

  1. Take care of your gums before surgery

Before going for the operation, you will need to ensure your gums are bright and healthy. Otherwise, the implant is going to fall right off.

  1. Avoid abrasive toothpaste after the surgery

For instance, toothpaste used to clear stained teeth should be avoided. It can quite easily erode the implant and cause it to fall off.

  1. Avoid hard foods

For instance, game meat, which can be difficult to chew, should be avoided. Only consume soft foods such potatoes for a few months after the operation. Additionally, you can consume cereals that require little effort to chew.

  1. Talk to your dentist about cost

Dental implants do not come cheap. You may need to talk to your dentist about the cost. In some cases, the dentist might provide you with an affordable payment plan.

  1. Save money for the procedure

If you want to afford the cost of dental implants, you can begin to save for it today. Simply avoid going out a few times during the weekends and cut back on your luxuries. Over time, the sacrifice will be worth it when you get that perfect smile.

  1. Avoid smoking

If you are a smoker, you should avoid any tobacco products until your implant heals. Tobacco is known to cause a decreased blood flow to the gums. That is not what you want when trying to ensure your gums heal.

  1. Listen to your dentist

Each dental implant will have its unique challenges. The most important thing is to listen to your dentist. That way, your implant will be able to heal perfectly without any major issues. You should avoid missing any appointments that the dentist recommends. Even when you cannot see anything wrong with the implant, the dentist has professional training that allows him or her to spot any issues.

  1. Look for a quality dental service

If you live in Houston, you should consider Vita Dental. A dental implant is only as good as the dentist that implanted it. Do not try to cut costs by going to some back ally office where professionalism is not a requirement. At our dental office, you are assured of getting the best possible service.


Getting a dental implant is the first step in getting back your self-confidence with a perfect smile. These tips should help to ensure that everything goes on as planned. Read them carefully and apply them.