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Can Orthodontist Pull Teeth? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Can Orthodontist Pull Teeth? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Can Orthodontist Pull Teeth? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

In the US, every trained orthodontist must first go through dental school. That means they are trained in general dentistry. In most cases, they will still have the equipment needed to pull teeth. However, orthodontists rarely pull teeth; they will often refer you back to a general dentist if teeth need to be pulled. This is because it eats into the time they need to deal with dental malocclusions. Here are a few more facts about teeth pulling and orthodontists that we at Vita Dental Spring have prepared.

Why tooth may need to be pulled

It is not rare to visit the dental office expecting all to be fine, only to be told there is a dental issue that needs to be treated. In most cases, tooth pain is usually delayed until the issue becomes very bad. Here are some of the reasons why your teeth may need to be pulled.

  • Tooth Decay

Cavities are a hole in the tooth enamel that is caused by plaque. If caught early, can be filled using resin or other filling material. Small cavities in the teeth will often not cause any pain. However, if the cavity is not treated, it grows larger.

Bigger cavities do not cause pain unless the decay touches your nerves. While not all cavities will need the tooth to be extracted, it is possible that your tooth will be extracted if the tooth is too damaged by decay.

  • Infection Risks

For patients with a compromised immunity and are getting chemotherapy or are preparing for an organ transplant, the risk of an infection is a major issue. In such a case, any decay in the teeth that have not been dealt with could lead to the elimination of the tooth. This is usually done to eliminate the chances of an infection. However, it only happens in extreme cases.

  • Gum Disease

We at Vita Dental Spring always work with patients to detect and remove any gum disease before it gets too bad. With regular flossing and brushing and two checkups a year, it can help to keep gum disease at bay. For some patients, gum disease may spread quite fast, infecting the tissue and bone supporting the teeth. This usually means that a tooth may have to be extracted since it has decayed. The patient may not feel pain from the tooth but it becomes impossible to save it.

  • Crowding

If you or your kid wants to get braces, there are times when a tooth may have to be extracted. This is usually done to ensure there is enough space for other teeth to be in line. The orthodontist will usually check the teeth and determine if there are teeth that need extraction.

In some cases, this will mean removing the wisdom teeth even if they have not erupted. In most cases, an extraction will entail removing teeth in the back of the mouth. Patients may not be in pain but this is done to ensure that the front tooth can be straightened.

How teeth are uprooted

The first step in any tooth extraction is sedation. This ensures that you will not feel any pain during the procedure. This is done by injecting anesthesia into the tissue near the tooth to be extracted. Sometimes, you may be placed under general anesthesia depending on how nervous you are.

Once that is done, forceps are used to expand the tooth socket and separate it from any anchoring ligaments. He or she will then use another pair of forceps to pull out the tooth. The wound will then be cleaned to ensure that there is no risk of infection. A wound is given time to heal before replacements are considered.

Common tooth replacement options


This is the most durable option for replacing an extracted tooth. The implant will mimic the aesthetics and functionality of real teeth. The implants consist of a small titanium root placed in the jawbone. It will be used to anchor the crown.


There are removable artificial teeth designed to mimic real teeth. In most cases, dentures have limited use for chewing purposes. However, they can be used in conjunction with implants to ensure that they function as real teeth. Implants help to stabilize the dentures so that you can chew as usual.


When there are two or more teeth being extracted, the orthodontist may decide to utilize a bridge. The bridge is permanent and acts like the normal teeth. However, it may affect the functionality of neighboring teeth with time.

Why vita dental spring is the best

Do you have an issue with dental decay or a broken tooth and need it removed? Vita Dental Spring is perfect for you. We have qualified experts who know how to conduct extractions with precision. Besides that, we have the expertise to conduct any replacement thereafter. Get in touch with us for a professional tooth extraction.