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Can Orthodontist Do Root Canal?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Can Orthodontist Do Root Canal?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Can Orthodontist Do Root Canal?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

If the soft pulp tissues in your tooth are diseased or inflamed your dentist might suggest a root canal therapy. This removes the diseased part and the nerve from the infected tooth. This allows your tooth to be saved. An infected tooth is usually characterized by a severe toothache and swelling in your jaw or around the infected tooth.

What happens during a root canal therapy?

Your tooth is made up of three parts. The enamel is the outer hard protective part, the dentine is the softer and sensitive part found in the middle of your tooth, the dental pulp is the third component that is made of soft tissue, and it is the most vital part of your tooth.

The dental pulp is made of blood vessels, nerve tissue, and lymph tissue. In case the pulp is infected due to oral bacteria that are transferred from deep cavities or due to a fracture to the pulp due to a blow or any other accident, the tooth will start dying and a root canal therapy will be needed to do away with the infection and to save the tooth. During the root canal therapy, the infected pulp tissue is removed from the interior of the tooth. The inner chamber of the tooth is hollowed out and cleaned. Your dentist will then fill this part with flexible nickel-titanium files. Most patients prefer to have a root canal therapy as it stops the pain and keeps the tooth.

Can an orthodontist perform the root canal therapy?

Your dentist and an orthodontist will most likely have an almost similar educational background. The two must have a bachelor’s degree before they can join a dental school. They both have to complete the four-year doctoral program. After they graduate, the dentist will most likely start his dental practice. However, an orthodontist will have a two or three-year residency in orthodontics at an approved American Dental Association university affiliated program. An orthodontic also needs to be certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. Thus, an orthodontics will have an extensive dental schooling compared to your dentist.

A dental specialist who performs a root canal therapy is referred to as an endodontist. This specialist has received two years of additional specialty training in this field.

While an endodontist has the highest proficiency to treat complicated or advanced root canal cases, the orthodontist can complete a simple root canal therapy on a single tooth. Below we look at the advantages of using a specialist for your root canal.

Advantages of visiting an endodontist

The basic advantages of having a specialist perform the root canal therapy include:

  • Greater expertise

An endodontist has the regular schooling like your dentist. However, he or she undergoes additional two to three years of additional training focused on endodontic therapy. This means that the endodontist has extensive knowledge and is an expert in root canal therapy.

  • Better equipment

The equipment used by the endodontist in your root canal therapy are more advanced compared to those used by the orthodontist or the dentist. For instance, the endodontist will have a surgical microscope that has 3D x-ray imaging.

  • Better diagnostic skills

An endodontist dentist is well experienced and skilled to diagnose difficult cases.

An orthodontist deals in the correction of irregular teeth and is most likely to use braces to do so. However, if you choose to visit an orthodontist to perform an oral canal therapy, they will most likely do so especially if it is a simple case. Root canal therapy is part of every dentist training but an orthodontist might refer complicated cases to an endodontist.

Why at Vita Dental we are the best

When you visit Vita Dental, a specialist will perform a complicated root canal therapy.  You do not need to visit another facility for the procedure as our specialist will perform the procedure in-house and if it is a simple case of a root canal, we will refer you to our orthodontist. Our facility offers the following advantages:

  • Fewer appointments

At Vita Dental, our endodontist is a specialist in root canal therapy thus, you are sure he does not have as many appointments as the regular dentist. This means fewer patients and less time spent on treating your procedure.

  • Better complications management

Our endodontists and orthodontists have probably seen it all when it comes to root canal therapy complications and will most likely manage such complications better than other facilities.

  • Low Fees

Most specialists from other facilities have a financial premium attached to their fees, which makes their fees much higher. However, at Vita Dental, the fees are affordable and we accept different insurance and other financial plans.

  • A familiar environment

Having our orthodontist perform the root canal procedure means that you will have the procedure done in a familiar room by a person you are familiar with. This might put you at ease. Additionally, our specialists are willing to work within your schedule.

  • Convenience

Finding an endodontist in your location can be difficult. This means you might have to travel far to get these services. However, if you live in Spring Texas we can offer you the best root canal therapy within a convenient schedule.

At Vita Dental, we have the right specialists to take care of your root canal therapy. We treat each of our patients with the care and honesty they deserve. If you book an appointment with us, you can be sure you will be safe.