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Can Orthodontist Do General Dentistry?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Can Orthodontist Do General Dentistry?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Can Orthodontist Do General Dentistry?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Most people will not give a second thought about whom to pick when it comes to having their teeth fixed. In most cases, people are not aware of whether to pick an orthodontist or a general dentist. Most just, assume that they are the same. That is why we at Vita Dental Spring would like to clear things up for you.

What is an orthodontist?

Whenever you need braces to straighten your teeth, the person that you turn to is an orthodontist. However, that does not mean your general dentist cannot offer orthodontic treatment. In fact, a general dentist could extract your teeth if he or she wanted.

Besides that, the general dentist can surgically place implants into your jaw. A general dentist is technically licensed to do most things that your orthodontist does. However, you would probably wish to pick an orthodontist for two reasons. These are training and value.

An orthodontist is a specialist, who has undergone further training of about 3 years to enhance their skills. As a result, they have undergone an accredited orthodontic residency program. This is as opposed to the weekend courses that most general dentists take.

The additional education for an orthodontist studies growth and development and the diagnosis and treatment of all malocclusions. This is a training similar to the extra five years of training that cardiologists undergo after general medical training. It would make them more equipped to perform surgery on your heart and deal with heart issues better.

Orthodontists Have Experience

One of the things that set these specialists apart is their experience. Since they concentrate on straightening teeth, they deal with hundreds of cases annually. However, a general dentist may only handle a handful of cases each year. This is because they are also tending to other patients’ needs.

Thus, an orthodontist is able to differentiate a simple and complex case. This way, he is able to conduct a timely intervention, something that a general dentist might miss. Besides that, if a case becomes complex, the general dentist may not really know how to proceed. Orthodontists are usually prepared to handle any eventuality.

The Value of an Orthodontist

One of the major differences between general dentists and orthodontists is value. Since orthodontists have advanced experience and training, they usually charge more than general dentists do. However, you can be assured that you will be getting value for money.

Although you pay less to have your general dentist treat your case, you may be treated as efficiently. Besides that, you might not get the kind of results you want. Additionally, the treatment could end up taking much longer. In short, many dental experts who are well trained can handle simple cases. However, you will get numerous advantages for seeing a specialist.

The main reasons to see an orthodontist

There may be many reasons why you should see an orthodontist. However, these are the main reasons we have picked:

  • Save money and time

A general dentist could end up taking quite a long time to treat a simple dental malocclusion issue. This is simply because they have no access to the specialized knowledge on how to handle complex issues. In some cases, the orthodontist is forced to fix issues that were created by the general dentist. This will mean you will have to spend even more money to fix these issues. All of these can be avoided by going to the orthodontist the first time.

  • More Options

Most general dentists will only offer limited options to deal with malocclusions. For instance, they may only offer you Invisalign to deal with crooked teeth. However, these treatments do not always work for every patient. In some cases, only the traditional braces or some other procedure will work. The orthodontist will offer you numerous options from which to pick, including those that you may not know. Be sure to visit an orthodontist if you want to get the perfect smile.

Can the orthodontist handle issues of general dentistry?

The simple answer to this question is yes. In most cases, the orthodontist has the ability to handle all the cases of a general dentist. This is because he or she went through the same exact training as the general dentist.

However, you will not find him handling small issues of general dentistry. It would simply be an inefficient use of his time. He will often refer you to a general dentist for simple cases such as teeth whitening. Alternatively, he could offer the treatment but at a very high price.

Why Vita Dentist Spring is the Best

At Vita Dentist Spring you will find an orthodontist and a general dentist as well. This means you will always get the kind of treatment you need from the right specialist. Besides that, the prices are very affordable. They also have flexible payments plans for those who need to have the procedure done but do not have all the funds.