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Can Orthodontist Clean Your Teeth? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Can Orthodontist Clean Your Teeth? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Can Orthodontist Clean Your Teeth? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Maintaining oral hygiene is very important but even more important if you have orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic appliances such as braces or clear aligners are effective in correcting misaligned teeth but cleaning the teeth while wearing these appliances is even harder.

The greatest enemy of your oral health is the plaque. Plaque is often formed due to food particles that are trapped near your tooth surfaces. If you wear braces or other appliances, it can be difficult to remove plaque, which can lead to cavities, gum disease, or bad breath due to harmful acid from bacteria that will irritate the gums and erode the teeth.

Keeping plaque under control is the best way to maintain strong and healthy gums and teeth. Your regular dentist can be your best friend in this area as he or she can help you clean your teeth and reach areas that you might find difficult to clean.

If you are in the early stages of your orthodontic care and you are yet to get braces or any other appliance this is the perfect time to maximize your overall dental health. Regular cleanings from your regular dentist will help keep your teeth in excellent health. Your dentist will also note any other dental problems such as cavities or other dental issues. The cleaning of your teeth does not end when you get your braces. In fact, it is even more important to keep your teeth clean after any orthodontic treatment.

Will your orthodontist clean your teeth?

During your regular visits to your orthodontists, he will inspect the progress of your teeth alignment, comfort level, and the condition of the braces or any other dental appliance. The orthodontist does not clean your teeth. He will refer you to a regular dentist who will clean your teeth and look out for cavities and the oral health of your teeth. Your orthodontics will advise you to be seen by the regular dentists 3 to 4 times in a year for cleaning or checkup. This is more often than non-orthodontic patients because it is much more difficult to keep your teeth clean when you have appliances or wires in place.

The regular dentist will do more than just perform regular cleaning. He or she will remove plaque from your teeth and remove calculus from above and below the gum line. He will also examine the condition of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This regular cleaning and dental exams will keep your mouth healthy. General dentists and orthodontics work as a team to ensure you have the recommended oral health.

Why visit Vita Dental for your orthodontic treatment

In case your teeth need bridges or other orthodontic related dental appliances to manage dental retention, Vita Dental will provide the dental work you need to improve your teeth appearance, eating ability, and preserve the existing teeth. Here are reasons why we are the best:

  • Reduces treatment delay

We have a team of orthodontics and regular dentists who can handle all the orthodontic work you might need on your teeth and any additional cleaning. Rather than being referred to different specialists, all the work can be done at our Vital Dental facility. Everything is done in-house from the orthodontics treatment to tooth cleaning. This reduces delay since you won’t need to book another appointment with a regular dentist once you finish your orthodontist treatments.

  • Saves you money

The process of your treatment is simple and straightforward we do not charge extra money for you to access dental cleaning services. We also offer a financial plan that you can comfortably use. Further, we accept insurance and other financial coverage.

  • Easy to monitor complications

When you come for your regular orthodontics checkups, our team which is made up of the orthodontics, regular dentists, and the hygienist will look at your teeth and see how much progress you have made. We will not only look at your bridges or other appliances we will also check the status of your oral health. In case of complications, we will easily catch the problem before it gets out of hand. Rather than referring you to other specialists for further tests or treatment, we will do everything at Vita Dental.

  • Personal touch

At Vita Dental our professional dentists provide a personal touch that most dental offices lack. We treat each patient as a friend and not as a case. We treat you with the respect and the honesty you deserve. We take our time to listen and offer the solution you need.

When you are seeing an orthodontist, you might reason that you do not need to see a regular dentist. However, your orthodontist will focus on improving your bite and alignment and your regular dentist will make sure your teeth remain healthy with thorough examinations, preventive care, and cleaning. Your orthodontic treatment is a team effort where everyone including your orthodontist, regular dentist and you has an important role to give you a winning smile.

At Vita Dental Spring, we do everything in-house and you do not have to move from one specialist to another. We have experienced orthodontists, regular dentists, and hygienists who will ensure your orthodontic treatment is successful.