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Can Nervous Habits Affect Your Smile

Can Nervous Habits Affect Your Smile 150 150 Tony

Can Nervous Habits Affect Your Smile

Nervous habits are usually more annoying to those around you than to yourself. However, you may not realize it but these habits have a real effect on your dental health. In some cases, they can degrade you smile so much that you may need a lot of money to fix it. Most of the time, nervous habits are caused by stress. Thus, you might want to think of stress management. Here is how some of these nervous habits will affect your smile that we at Vita Dental Spring have observed.


Some people usually turn to a cigarette whenever they feel nervous. However, smoking can have real detrimental effects on your smile as well as your general health. For one, smoking causes your teeth to become stained; this can be hard to get rid of in some cases.

Besides that, smoking creates an environment in your mouth in which bacteria can thrive. This can lead to receding gums and even gum disease. If you have gum disease or receding gums, you most definitely will not have a pretty smile.

Chewing on pens and other hard objects

When some people are stressed, they usually turn to chewing on hard objects like pens or anything else that will fit in their mouth. In such an instance, the hard object will begin to slowly chip away at the enamel, leading to jagged teeth.

After that, whenever the person smiles, their smile will not be as welcoming no matter how perfectly aligned it is. Fixing jagged teeth resulting from chewing on hard objects can be costly and hard to accomplish. Thus, it is advisable that you stop chewing on hard objects whenever you are feeling nervous.

Grinding teeth

Bruxism, while you are sleeping, can be hard to control. However, some people have a bad habit of grinding their teeth even when they are fully awake. It usually happens whenever they get a bit nervous. This behavior will wear down the enamel and ruin a perfectly good smile. If you find yourself doing this often, try to seek professional help on how to deal with it.

Clenching teeth

Another common habit that people have whenever they are stressed is clenching their teeth. In the long term, this behavior will cause teeth to shift from their original position. The result is that it could lead to an overbite or underbite. In either case, your perfect smile will have been ruined. If you have been told that you often clench your teeth, do not take it lightly. Try to seek a solution to this issue as soon as you can.

Thumb sucking

While thumb sucking is most common in young children, adults with a nervous tick sometimes suck their thumbs. While the teeth should be stable in the mouth, prolonged sucking of the thumb can push the teeth upwards.

As a result, you will end up with a buckteeth look, which can only be fixed with braces. If you have recently noticed that you often suck your thumb when nervous, you need to stop it. Eventually, your teeth will be pushed outward and even the bone may move. In the end, it could change the entire structure of your face and make it hard to fix your smile.

Nail biting

One of the most common nervous tics in people is biting nails. This behavior can be avoided by keeping the nails short and applying bitter-tasting nail polishes. As a result, you will no longer have anything to bite. When you bite nails, it places stress on the front teeth, which can cause them to shift in position. This will eventually ruin your smile if you do not resolve it.

You suck on hard candy often

If each time you feel nervous you pop candy into your mouth, it could negatively affect your smile and your health. For one, the candy will bathe your mouth in sugar, which encourages bacteria to grow. If this is left unchecked, it will lead to serious cavities in your teeth and may even lead to a receding gum line. Keep off candy as much as you can if you want to maintain your perfect smile.

You bite your lips often

Another common nervous tic is licking or biting your lips. When you do this, you expose the lips to your digestive enzymes. The enzymes chew away at the top layer of your lips’ skin and can cause inflammation and dermatitis.

This will usually make the lips to look cracked and dry. Besides that, if you bite or lick lips too much, it may lead to the development of firm flesh-colored growths that need surgery to remove. The lips help to flame the smile and if you have cracked and dry lips, your smile will be ruined.


If you have any of these nervous tics, try to get some stress management assistance from a professional. Otherwise, they may ruin your perfect smile.