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Can Fluoride Treatment Protect your Child from Tooth Decay?

Can Fluoride Treatment Protect your Child from Tooth Decay? 150 150 Tony

Can Fluoride Treatment Protect your Child from Tooth Decay?

Dental care for kids is something that should begin once a child grows their first set of teeth. There is a lot of things that happen inside the mouth of a child right from the time their first set of teeth grow to the time they become adults. It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that their child’s teeth are safe from decay or any other form of avoidable dental issues.

Fluoride treatment is one of the options recommended to protect your child from getting tooth decay. The question that usually lingers inside the minds of people, however, is whether Fluoride treatment is safe and effective for their children. Here, Vita Dental has all the answers for you.

Importance of protecting your child’s teeth

Everyone knows that the first teeth that children have are eventually shed off after several years. This makes one wonder whether it actually is important to protect these primary teeth. Well, the truth of the matter is that primary teeth play a very important role in the eventual development of the permanent teeth. When primary teeth are lost prematurely due to tooth decay, this might cause other incoming permanent teeth to grow in a crooked position. Also, it may expose the permanent teeth to decay later on.

Fluoride Treatment and how the mineral works

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in all water sources. It is, also, found in food and soil. The finding of a new research has shown that getting just one fluoride varnish treatment in a year can help reduce the risk of your child developing cavities by a half.

When fluoride gets to the teeth, it is absorbed into the enamel helping it to repair itself and make it stronger by facilitating the replenishment of calcium and phosphorus that may have been lost. This process is known as re-mineralization. The strengthening of the enamel, also, helps prevent mineral dilution when the demineralization phase is taking place. This means that fluoride doesn’t just prevent the teeth from decay, it, also, helps stop the process during the early stages, in case it had started.

How Fluoride works to protect your child’s teeth

Protection of the enamel

When fluoride is absorbed into the enamel it can help make the child’s teeth much stronger. You can apply fluoride varnish on the teeth to help your kids not experience sensitivity of their teeth, especially during the cold seasons. When the enamel is not strong and thick enough, then extremely hot or cold temperatures may cause increased tooth sensitivity.

Fluoride, also, helps protect the enamel from being broken down by the acids in the mouth of the child. Fluoride toothpaste or even the fluoride varnish can help fight these acids and the bacteria that create them.

Re-mineralization of the teeth

When bacteria is left to build up in the mouth of your child, a chain of events that expose your child to the risk of developing tooth cavities and increased tooth sensitivity is triggered. The bacteria feed on the food particles and eventually begin eating away the enamel thus exposing your child to tooth decay.

The use of fluoride can help prevent such events from occurring by providing a layer of protection on the teeth thus enhancing the strength of the teeth and defending the teeth against bacteria and acid attacks. Fluoride will, also, help the enamel rebuild itself by facilitating the addition of minerals like calcium and phosphorus that make teeth healthier and stronger.

How safe is it to use Fluoride?

One of the major concerns that parents have is the safety of their children. Questions regarding the safety of fluoride usually arise. However, parents can be sure that fluoride has been proven to be very safe and effective.

This does not mean that children should be left to handle fluorine by themselves. All products that have fluorine should be kept out of reach for children. This is because when fluorine is taken in excess, this could lead to fluorosis of the permanent teeth. Severe fluorosis may cause brown discoloration of the teeth.

Fluoride treatment has proven to be effective and safe for people of all ages, including children. It is particularly helpful in children since it helps make their teeth’s enamel stronger, which, protect them from tooth decay. Other than the short-term benefits, fluoride treatment, in the long run, helps protect your child from developing gingivitis and reducing the growth of acid and infection-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Get advice from the dentist

There are a number of fluoride treatments available. Instead of just settling for any that you come across at the store, consult your dentist and get a recommendation for the best fluoride treatment for your child. The different brands can be confusing and since the health of your child is the primary objective, making a mistake with regards to the choice is not an option.

Also, you have to be careful with the type of toothpaste that your child uses. Again, the best way to go is to consult your dentist for proper recommendations.