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Can Dentist Remove Tartar- Dentist in Spring Texas

Can Dentist Remove Tartar- Dentist in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Can Dentist Remove Tartar? This is a question that very many people ask themselves once they start experiencing a tartar buildup in their mouths. Although oral facial infections and complications are an area of specialization of dentists, there are some matters which dentists can’t handle competently- is tartar removal part of these problems that dentists can’t handle? Read on to find out.


Tartar can be defined as a yellowish and hard substance that deposits itself and hardens over time. In other words, tartar is an accumulation and hardening of tartar. When bacteria, food remnants, minerals and salts build up on the surface of teeth a stick gooey film is formed and this is the genesis of plaque and tartar. It is sticky and also hard therefore cannot be simply brushed off. The sticky nature, in fact, attracts more food particles.

What Causes Tartar?

Tartar is caused by a number of factors. Here is a look at some of the most common causes and an explanation of how the accumulation takes place;

Bacteria breakdown of food remains;

The mouth houses some bacteria that may either be harmful or helpful depending on the circumstances. These bacteria, therefore, release acids as a result of breaking up food particles that remain in the mouth. The acids form the basis of tartar formation. Tartar tends to build up at a high rate when you mostly consume sugary foods. Sugary foods accelerate the rate at which the bacteria release their acid.

Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral health leads to the build-up of tartar. It takes quite some time to form and harden up. The initial stage involves the formation of a plaque. The plaque can easily be brushed off and cleaned through the regular cleaning process. If the cleaning is not done on time though, the plaque hardens and becomes tartar which is more problematic and more difficult to treat. It is therefore not surprising that people who maintain an excellent oral hygiene tend to keep it at bay.

The treating Procedure

Unlike plaque which is relatively easy to remove, getting rid of tartar takes more than just regular cleaning. Because of the deep infiltration of the tartar into the spaces between teeth and gums, it takes a process referred to as deep cleaning for the tartar to come out.

Can a dentist remove tartar?

Yes, a dentist is capable of offering both regular cleaning and deep cleaning. This therefore means that they are able to get rid of tartar easily and quickly when consulted. Here is how the dentists get rid of the tartar;

Deep cleaning process- removal of tartar by dentists

It all begins with visiting a dentist. A quick checkup is carried out. When the dentist identifies that you have developed tartar, he/she proceeds in scheduling an appointment for the treatment procedure. Special tools are used during removal and these may include hand scalers, curettes, and ultrasonic scalers. The tools chip away the tartar that had developed just beneath the gum lining. Although some force may be used, the process is painless hence no need of anesthetic. The dentist then cleanses and rinses your mouth to do away with loose remnants.

As much as tartar is curable, you should be vigilant enough to ensure that there is no buildup of plaque which will lead to the formation of tartar on your teeth. Observing proper dental hygiene is the secret to preventing tartar. Brushing teeth after every meal and rinsing it often will contribute to the prevention of tartar. Moreover, floss at least daily. Avoid consumption of too many sugary foods as they contribute to its faster development. Above all, you should ensure that you visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional cleaning to get rid of any plaque which your brush or floss can’t get rid of.

Dental Complications Accompanied with Tartar

However simple it may look, tartar may lead to some serious infections. It, therefore, requires a good attention and shouldn’t be left for long for it to accumulate. Tartar is basically a buildup of germs and dirt. This deadly duo if left for a period of time may result in serious infections.

Gum disease is the main complexity that is associated with tartar. The bacteria produce acids and these acids gradually eat away the gums’ lining. Other complexities include tooth loss and cavities. The acid ‘eats’ away the teeth surface leading to cavities which might prompt the extraction of the tooth.

Tartar also affects the aesthetics of the teeth and gives rise to a very foul smell. All these can affect your quality of life and self-confidence. You should therefore do everything within your reach to prevent the development of the much dreaded tartar.

Let Vita Dental Spring help you fight the tartar

If you are looking for a dentist in Spring Texas to help you fight tartar, look no further than Vita Dental Spring’s way. We offer high quality dental services and professional dental cleaning is part and parcel of our daily practice. Give us a call today or visit our offices today and we will gladly be of service to you.