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Can A Dentist Pull Out An Infected Tooth?

Can A Dentist Pull Out An Infected Tooth? 150 150 Tony

Can a dentist pull out an infected tooth? What are some of the most common causes of tooth infections? At what point is pulling out an infected tooth no-longer an option? We take a look at dental extractions to help patients understand the procedure and the available replacements;

Dental extractions are up there with some of the most dreaded surgical procedures. The thought of a dentist pulling out a tooth sends cold shivers down most people’s spine. If anything, most people prefer to put up with the unbearable and invasive toothache rather than get a onetime extraction that will out them out of misery once and for all. Tooth removal is anywhere near as bad as most people think is it and with the steadily improving technology, dental extractions are not only quicker but painless.

At what point is tooth extraction no-longer an option for a dentist?

The extraction of a tooth is the last thing that any dentist wants to do. At all times, a dentist will always look for alternative means of treating the natural teeth because nothing comes even close to natural teeth when it comes to effectively carrying out day to day activities. In some cases though, tooth extraction is inevitable and the dentist has no option but to pull out the infected teeth.

In cases where the tooth has suffered from severe decay which eats up the entire pulp and extends down to the roots of the teeth, the dentist has no option but to pull out the infected tooth (abscessed tooth). Such infected teeth are too sensitive to changes in temperature and pressure and will result in unbearable pain throughout. The dentist tries out options such as root canal treatment first and if the results are not positive, he/she is left with no option but to pull the tooth out.

How dentists carry out dental extraction

To determine the exact extent of a dental infection, a doctor needs to conduct extensive examination and diagnosis of the affected tooth. This examination and diagnosis are done in the first consultation meeting and it is meant to precisely pinpoint the exact cause of the dental infection and the severity of the infection.

If the dentists deem the infection too severe, then he/she used the following steps to extract the tooth;


The first step in tooth extraction is numbing of the area surrounding the affected tooth. Here a dentist uses a local anesthetic to numb the nerves making the other subsequent procedures painless. All that the patient feels from this point on, is just pressure and nothing else.


Once the tooth is numb, the dentist uses special elevators and extraction forceps to expand the tooth’s socket and separate the tooth from the anchoring ligament. Once the tooth is free, the dentist uses the forceps to pull the tooth out. This is the case when the extraction is simple and there no broken-off parts.

In some cases, the infection (Dental Abscess) is so bad that it causes the disintegration of parts of the tooth. This type of complication requires surgical extraction where the dentist makes a small incision on the gum holding the target infected tooth and then carefully removes all the disintegrated parts of that particular tooth.

After the tooth is extracted, the dentist will need to keep the open wound clean to reduce the risk of infection. The wound will be given time to heal before the dentist can think about replacements and there is quite a number to choose from. Here are some of the most commonly used replacements for extracted teeth here in Vita Dental Spring;

Dental implants

Arguably the most effective replacement for an uprooted tooth, dental implants mimic both the functionality and aesthetics of a natural tooth. Implants are small titanium posts placed in gums to act as artificial roots to anchor new prosthetics.


These are removable artificial teeth made from special materials that mimic the look of teeth and are mostly for aesthetic reasons. A lot of the dentures are removable and cannot be used for things like chewing. When used together with implants though, the dentures can be fully used as normal teeth.

Dental bridges

When two or more teeth are extracted, then a dentist can opt to use a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth. The bridges are fixed on top of a dental implant and are therefore permanent. They look and act like natural teeth.

Don’t struggle with infected teeth anymore

You have been putting up with the severe pain from that infected tooth (abscessed tooth) for far too long. Give Vita Dental Spring in Spring Texas a call today and get that problematic tooth extracted and get the best possible replacement. We offer high-quality treatment options at competitive rates and are looking forward to helping you get rid of that painful tooth. Choose Vita Dental Spring Texas dentist, for the best dental services.