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Can dentist fix chipped tooth- Dentist in Spring Texas

Can dentist fix chipped tooth- Dentist in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Will a dentist fix a chipped tooth? Are you looking for a dentist in Spring Texas to fix a chipped tooth?  What are some of the treatment options available to fix chipped teeth?

Could be that you suffered a blow to your front teeth, hit against a metallic bar or are were chewing into hard candy and broke part of your tooth. Now you are wondering whether a dentist in Spring Texas can help fix the chipped tooth and restore your original tooth’s shape.

Here at Vita Dental Spring, we understand that a chipped tooth can be not only a blow to one’s self confidence but is a health hazard as well. We therefore pride ourselves in offering the best treatment for chipped teeth in Spring Texas. If you are looking for a dentist in Spring Texas to help you fix your chipped teeth and other related problems, you have every reason to choose Vita Dental Spring.

With the help of our experienced dentists and friendly staff, we will help you fix the chipped teeth that is working you up and leaving you feeling insufficient. With our wide range of restorative and cosmetic procedures, we are able to fix the chipped tooth or teeth and give you the beautiful smile that you desire. Here is a look at how dentists fix chipped teeth and the available options here at Vita Dental Springs;

How our dentists in Springs fix a chipped tooth

Before delving into fixing chipped teeth, it is imperative to understand how tooth chipping happens in the first place and the types of chipped teeth that are common. As cited in the examples at the beginning of the article, teeth can be chipped in many ways. Although the enamel is the strongest tissue in the body, traumatic blows, very cold substances, acids and even some foods can weaken it causing it to partially break away.

Depending on the intensity of the force that caused the breakaway, there are different types of cracked teeth available; craze lines which are superficial, fractured cusps which a piece of the tooth breaks off, vertical root fracture which occurs when the crack begins in the root of the tooth and a split tooth when a long term cracked tooth is not fixed and splits into two distinct parts.

The treatment option that your dentist will opt for, depends on the type of cracking. Here at Vita Dental Springs, these are the most common methods we use to fix chipped teeth;

Dental bonding

Dental bonding involves the use of a special putty and a conditioning liquid to bond teeth together and seal any crack on the teeth. The special putty resembles teeth aesthetically and is just as hard. Once it is applied on the target area, a dentist used a special UV light to harden the putty and he then shapes it to look like the rest of the teeth in the mouth.


Veneers are small aesthetic covers for teeth which are made from porcelain and are used to cover cracks and chipped teeth. Using a special type of adhesive, a dentist fixes the veneer which has already been molded to mimic the look of your other teeth. The dentist carefully places the veneer on the front of the tooth giving the patient a good look.

Dental crowns

A crown is usually called upon when the crack is too big to be fixed by a veneer or simple bonding. A crown, as the name suggests, is a cap which covers the tooth and helps in enhancing the aesthetic value of the tooth and offers protection as well. Crowns are normally created from porcelain and they are molded to mimic the appearance of the other neighboring teeth so that they can match the affected tooth and still not look out of place.

Root canal treatment

If the crack extend into the sensitive pulp of the tooth, then root canal is called upon. Root canal involves the clearing out of the affected tissue and nerves in the pulp cavity. This way, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to cold or pressure and chances of infections will be limited greatly.

Dental implants

Arguably the best replacement for chipped or a cracked tooth, a dental implant mimics a root of a tooth. Dental implants are used to replace cracked teeth which cannot be saved because of intense cracking. The implant is fitted to act as a new root for a prosthetic which can be a crown or a denture. The screws or posts which are the implants, are made from durable titanium and are fused into the bone to anchor the prosthetic.

Let Vita Dental Spring fix your chipped teeth

Chipped front teeth can deal your self-confidence a large blow. The cracked teeth can also cause a lot of pain and increased sensitivity. You should therefore not struggle with these chipped teeth anymore- Vita Dental Springs in Spring Texas, is here to help fix your missing teeth.

With our effective restorative and cosmetic procedures, we are capable of fixing broken teeth and giving you a beautiful smile. Give us a call or visit our offices in Spring Texas to talk to one of our dentists on the most appropriate treatment for your chipped teeth.