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Can Dental Implants be whitened? – Ask a Dentist in Spring, Texas

Can Dental Implants be whitened? – Ask a Dentist in Spring, Texas 150 150 Tony

Can Dental Implants be whitened? – Ask a Dentist in Spring, Texas

Dental implants are excellent for replacing a missing tooth. They feel, look and function just like a natural tooth. Basically, an implant is inserted into a drilled jawbone to act as a root for the tooth and then a crown attached to it. The result is an artificial structure that is almost similar to your natural tooth. But just like any other tooth, the implant can lose its color given it functions just like a natural tooth. If you have questions as to whether or not you can whiten your dental implant, Vita Dental has the answers for you.

Firstly, yes it is possible to whiten your dental implant. During the dental implant procedure, the porcelain crown is usually made to take on the color of your natural teeth so that it doesn’t look conspicuous. But in the event that you decide to whiten your natural teeth, then the porcelain crown will look stained since the other teeth will be brighter. To make them match, you may need to whiten it too.

The process of whitening dental implants is not the same as that for whitening natural teeth. It is, therefore, important to understand the process related to whitening of dental implants to avoid raising any complications. Here are the steps to follow when going about it.

    Picking the material for your implant 

The first thing to do is to determine what material your crown will be made of. Porcelain is not the only material used for the crowns. Plastics are also used. Crowns made of porcelain material usually retain their color for long and do not stain easily. Crowns made of plastic, on the other hand, tend to stain or lose their color.

    Determine whether you have translucent veneers

Translucent veneers are normally used to coat the crown, and their work is to show the actual color of the crown underneath the porcelain shell. In case you have one, you can have your implant whitened using the known cosmetic tooth-whitening procedures.

    Always consult with your dental implant specialist first

Tooth whitening may affect the other set of teeth. This is particularly important if you want to whiten your natural tooth and you have an implant. If your implant is made of porcelain, you may not be able to whiten it and, therefore, you will need to consult with your dentist to determine the best tooth whitening options that will not make the implant look distinguishable from the rest of the teeth.

    Use veneers

While veneers will limit the capabilities of your teeth to some extent, they can be used to give your implant, and other teeth too, a uniform color. If your crown is made of plastic and has been whitened, veneers can be used on the other teeth to make them match the color of your implant’s crown. Same applies when you have whitened your natural teeth. You can use veneers to make the implant look whiter like the other teeth.

    Blend the color of your natural teeth with that of your implant

While it is possible to whiten implant crowns, this is only possible if the crowns are made of plastic. Porcelain does not lose its color, and it is not quite necessary to whiten them. But to make sure that your teeth don’t look awkward, blend the color of your natural teeth to be as close as possible to the color of the porcelain crown.

Also, if you want to whiten your natural tooth and are getting new dental work too, consider porcelain that it a bit brighter than your natural teeth. But it shouldn’t be too bright. This is to make sure that when you whiten your natural teeth, they match the color of your implant giving you a uniform smile.

Most of the tooth whitening options and materials are for whitening natural teeth. As such, if you want a uniform smile and brighter teeth:

I.    Consider getting your natural teeth whitened before getting the dental implant. The timing is important to ensure that the replacement tooth takes on a shade that matches that white color you desire for your teeth.

II.    Polishing is a great way of ensuring your implant crown does not get stained hence lose its color. Consumption of substances like coffee, tea, and tobacco usually stain the teeth causing them to lose their color. These stains can be removed easily by simply polishing your teeth using a polishing paste that is non-abrasive. You can consult your implant specialist for advice on the safest polish to use.

III.    In case you got the implant prior to the intent of whitening your natural teeth, you can consider having the crown replaced with a new one that matches the new shade of your teeth. This will require another dental procedure, but yields desired results.

Dental implants have proven to be effective, but given the fact that they function just like natural teeth, they are bound to get stained with time. The items highlighted above will help you maintain a brighter smile and a whitened implant.