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Can Dental Implants be Whitened – Implantes Dentales

Can Dental Implants be Whitened – Implantes Dentales 150 150 Tony

Dental implants are currently the most efficient tooth replacement option within the dental health department. That is because they are designed to give the dental patient a sturdy naturally looking and functioning tooth, for the one they lost. They entail an artificial root which is attached to an artificial crown. One the factorsof having a naturallylookingcrownisthat it is designed to match the color of the rest of your natural teeth. This factor then causes a person with the intentions of whitening their teeth to wonder if their dental implants can be whitened. The answer is yes they can.

However, implants are not whitened the same way that natural teeth are, given that they are made of varying materials with no similarities to natural teeth. That includes plastic and porcelain, both of which have distinct whitening procedures. That is why this article has compiled viable tips that will help you whiten your dental implants effectively and enhance your smile, courtesy of Vita Dental.


The porcelain or plastic material that forms your dental implant crown is susceptibleto various conditions that may cause them to be discolored. These conditions include; wear and tear due to their continued use, substances taken in excesses such as tea, coffee, tobacco,and soda. A special polishing procedure often solves discoloration of dental implants caused by the factors mentioned. This polishing procedure is conducted specifically by a dentist or periodontist. That is to make sure that you do not end up using abrasive substances polishing paste in amounts that may be considered abrasive to your artificial crown.

Think Ahead

A dental implant procedure can take months to plan and weeks or even more months to fully execute. This period gives you time to think ahead and plan for it, by including your teeth whitening idea to your implant procedure. If you intend to whiten your teeth, there is no need to get an implant that matches the color of your teeth when you get your procedure. Hence you can get your white dental implant and get teeth whitening procedure later to match. A better way to go about it,however, is getting your teeth whitened first,thengetting your dental implant to match.


Some individuals do not get to think ahead because they initially have no plans to whiten their teeth but get a change of heart after an experience or two (try teeth discoloration). Another viable way to go about your implant whitening, if this is your case, is getting an implant replacement. This option is more advisable if your dental implant is made of porcelain.That is because porcelain is more rigid, thus less responsive to change.This makes any other method used in their whitening more likely to cause abrasion. Hence, you should replace the crown and save yourself an emergency trip to the dentist.

Get Veneers

A veneer is a thin decorative material that is applied as a cosmetic covering over the dental implant’s crown which makes it match with the rest of your natural teeth. Through a procedure that should be approved by a dentist or periodontist, you can get a whiter veneer as an implant whitening option. Veneers are usually translucent with the intent of giving the tooth they cover a softened cleanlook. However,they can be specially designed to act as dental implants’ teeth whitening material under the guidance of a dental health professional.

Go Porcelain

When thinking ahead or going for a dental implant orreplacement with the aim of having your teeth whitened, porcelain is the way to go. That is because porcelainas an artificial tooth crown is quite hard and indifferent to change. Thus it hardly undergoes any discoloration over time compared to plastic. You, therefore, have to choose already white porcelain dental implants to match yourwhitened teeth, which again is advisable to go for after having your teeth whitened to avoid another implant replacement procedure.

Consult a Professional Dentist

In this case, the professional is a dentist or periodontist. Their insight on the matter after conducting an oral examination will make you aware of the risks and benefits of having your dental implants whitened depending on their observation of your oral state. They will also help you determine which dental implant whitening tip suites your implant(s) best.

With thesetips, you can now set off to your dental implant whitening endeavor with more confidence than before. If you are looking for an institution qualified to conduct this kind of procedure for you then seek no further,for Vita Dental is the right place. Vita Dental is equipped with right kind of professional staff and state of the art equipmentso that you can have that natural smile you have always wanted.