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Can Braces Be Removed For Special Occasions?

Can Braces Be Removed For Special Occasions? 150 150 Tony

Can Braces Be Removed For Special Occasions?

Orthodontic treatment with braces is the most popular method to correct teeth misalignment and malocclusion. If you have crossed, crooked, crowded, or spaced out teeth, the best option is to align the teeth using braces.

However, when you come in for treatment at Vita Dental Spring, it will mean you have to endure months or years of braces, depending on your situation. It can interfere with your speaking, smiling, and the kind of food you can eat, especially when you attend special occasions. With major events a few weeks away, some patients that visit Vita Dental Spring usually wonder if it is ok to remove to braces.

Can Braces Be Removed

If you visit the Vita Dental Spring dental office, it is possible to remove your braces. However, you should know that those braces would cost you to remove them. In most cases, we will only remove the top braces and leave the bottom row braces in place.

When it comes time to get the braces back, you will have to revisit us for new fittings. If you have braces, we at Vita Dental Spring have a few tips that can help you deal with the braces instead of having to remove them.

  • Traveling

When traveling anywhere with braces, the first issue is food. Traveling always comes with a lot of eating. You need to be smart with the food selection. Additionally, the brackets could become dislodged during your trip.

If it happens while you are in Spring, TX, you could come to our dental office, and we could reattach them. However, this is not possible on a trip. You will only have to hold on to the dislodged component until the trip is over. If braces are de-bonded but remain stable, you could keep them in the mouth until the trip is over.

However, if it feels loose, you could remove it and keep it safe. Before you leave for the trip, ensure that you visit the orthodontist. This way, all the loose components can be checked and fixed. Take a box of wax with you. The wax can be used to cover any poking metal. This way, you avoid any wounds or cuts.

  • Formals, Weddings, or Birthday Parties

The main issue with parties and formal invites is that you will encounter tasty food and you will be tempted to take it. Most of the food at parties is not braces-friendly. Sweets, candy floss, and caramels are sticky and they will adhere to your braces and can be hard to clean.

You will need to choose wisely. At the start of the treatment, your orthodontist will offer you some tips about food. Ensure that you follow the instructions to the letter. It is all about picking the right food and knowing how to bite it.

However, formals can be another issue altogether since appearances matter. If possible, you should postpone getting your braces until the occasion is over. Besides that, you can pick Invisalign braces. You can visit our dental office to determine if you can utilize Invisalign.

  • Sport Activities

If you are a sports person, braces can make it hard to be a full participant. Braces can be an issue because a physical blow can lead to cuts, tears, and some fractures. To avoid these problems, you can get a mouth guard for the teeth. Ensure that you get custom made braces for your teeth. The OTC braces may not be sufficient to prevent injuries.

  • First Dates

If you are going on your first date, having braces on can cause you a lot of distress. For one, you will be worried about food sticking on your teeth. Besides that, there is a common myth about you two getting stuck when you kiss. It is not true.

However, on the date, you will need to pick your food carefully. This way, you do not have any food stuck in your braces. If necessary, you can bring an interdental cleaner with you. This way, you can excuse yourself and visit the bathroom. Examine whether you have any particles stuck in the teeth and get rid of them. During the date, you should also flush your mouth with water to get rid of debris.


Living with braces is not easy no matter your age. As with any obstacles, you only need to look at the bigger picture. As time goes by, these braces will help straighten your teeth, boost your confidence and help you have better oral hygiene. Besides that, it will help you to get more dates and go to social events.

It is especially so if it is a child. Treating crooked teeth in young kids is easier since bone density and bone age is ideal for shifting teeth to the right position. Ensure that they follow all instructions and stick to the treatment plan set out by the orthodontist.