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Can Any Dentist Do Braces?

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Dental health is a branch of medicine which has a lot of specializations. A general dentist is quite similar to a general doctor, in that he or she can do the usual dental activities such as filling cavities and check-ups.

Naturally, you do not expect a general doctor to carry out a heart operation for you. Similarly, a general dentist cannot carry out a sensitive activity such as the fixing of braces. Only an orthodontist can fix dental braces. A good example is Dr. Jisoo Shin, DDS from Vita Dental Spring. The dentist has more than three years of specialized education on top of the training needed for one to become a regular dentist.


The experience is needed for a dentist to straighten your teeth and correct your bite using the most efficient ways. Braces are expensive. They take time to fix. So why risk your time and funds when dealing with a dentist who is not qualified?  It is for this reason that you are advised to visit a qualified orthodontist at Vita Dental Spring. A qualified orthodontist has the required specialized skills to look at all the possibilities such as your age, the imbalances of your jaws, and the arrangement of your teeth amongst other variables.

With such knowledge, he or she will know what to use and what not to apply for the benefit of the patient. He or she does not engage in guesswork. It is true professional work. There are many sensitive issues an orthodontist will look for including gaps, crooked teeth and the discrepancies which might be in your bites. The problems are very involving, and that is why they should not be left to a general dentist since there is a high likelihood that he or she cannot offer the right treatment. In extreme conditions, poor diagnosis and fixing of braces can lead to gum diseases and jaw pain among other complications. It is for this reason that Vita Dental Spring requests everyone to visit a qualified orthodontist for fixing of his or her jaws.

Enhanced Training

Visiting a qualified orthodontist at Vita Dental Spring has several advantages. First of all, you are in a position to receive the services of a dentist who has undergone post-dental training institutions. Some of these dentists include Dr. Seung Hyung Son, DDS, Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS, and Dr. Jisoo Shin, DDS. The dentists have successfully fixed braces to many patients during their many years of experience. Additionally, a dentist like Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is an active member of the American Dental Association. You are as such guaranteed of getting the best services you can ever imagine.

The above dentists work hand in hand with knowledgeable orthodontic staff. The staff has specialized in fixing of braces to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the whole process. Their core mission is to make sure that you have a bright smile capable of instilling confidence in you and your family. In the fixing of braces, the dentists at Vita Dental Spring use the latest technologies and procedures. The process is susceptible, which means that traditional methods used by most of the general dentists cannot deliver such results.  A qualified dentist knows this and will always use modern procedures to fix braces on the patients. These are the technologies needed to provide excellent results.

Qualified orthodontists are specially trained in complex issues to do with the alignment of the mouth. General dentists lack the required in-depth skills to deal with the fixing of Dental braces. At Vita Dental Spring, dentists focus on improving your bite.  You are always advised to visit a qualified orthodontist for this essential procedure.

Best Specialists

It is in the public domain that many general dentists fix braces. Do you feel that you require the services of a specialized orthodontist to do this for you? It is the right thing for you to ask yourself this question and plan to visit one at Vita Dental Spring. In fixing the braces, the orthodontist has specialized training to ensure that your teeth are aligned well and that the roots are not damaged. In addition to that, the orthodontist will make sure that the treatment you receive progresses well. As such, you will not spend a lot of time trying to get your teeth aligned.

Specialists and General Dentists

General dentists are best in services such as dealing with broken teeth and reshaping your teeth among other standard functions. Moreover, they play a crucial role even when you see an orthodontist. After the orthodontist is through with the procedure, it is good to visit these general dentists for check-ups to ensure that your teeth are healthy. However, do not let them handle this crucial process. Orthodontists at Vita Dental Spring coordinate with the general dentists to ensure that you get the best treatment. Straightened teeth give you a sound bite. Always consider a qualified orthodontist for your braces.