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Can a Dentist Write Prescriptions in Spring Texas?

Can a Dentist Write Prescriptions in Spring Texas? 150 150 Tony

Can a Dentist Write Prescriptions in Spring Texas?

The first few weeks and months after a dentist has graduated are usually a bit challenging for them. They typically are qualified medical practitioners, but their title is what creates the confusion. One of the central questions that often arise is whether or not a dentist can write prescriptions to their patients.

The question of whether or not a dentist can write prescriptions for their patient has raised some serious controversy over the years. When a dentist graduates from school and gets their license to practice, they are usually given the green light to write prescriptions for a limited number of medications such as fluoride and Ibuprofen, among other non-controlled substance. That is as far as their practice allows them to go. When it comes to the prescription, dispensation and the administering of controlled drugs, the green light is given by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. One has to register with them first. Some states, however, like California may not require separate registration.

Things are even more complicated if the dentist operates and administers prescribed medication from more than one location. If a dentist happens to store, prescribe, administer or directly dispense the types of drugs falling under the “control substances” category in some locations, they are required by law to obtain an additional registration for each of those areas they serve. However, if they administer, store, prescribe and dispense controlled substances in just one place and only prescribe the controlled substances in the other areas, then the law does not require separate registrations for each of the different areas. It is important to note the fact that this exception only applies if the secondary sites where the dentist just prescribes the controlled substances lie within the boundaries of the state in which their registration is maintained.

If two different dentists collaborate or collectively write the prescription, then more than one name can be indicated on the secured prescription forms. The underlying condition for this, however, is that both dentists writing the prescription have to work at the addresses shown on the form. The NPI number of the individual prescriber should be written on the prescription form to enable the pharmacy to obtain payment.