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Best Summer Dental Tips for Your Teeth

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Best Summer Dental Tips for Your Teeth

Summer is always the time for picnics, outdoor games at the beach and having fun with family and friends. However, with all these fun, people are supposed to observe dental routine for a hygienic dental formula. Our mouths are vulnerable to many conditions and diseases like bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath. All these conditions can, however, be prevented if we follow dental care hygiene.

The following are tips by Vita Dental Care that can help you maintain that healthy oral hygiene during summer.

Maintain Dental Checkups

Summer is the best time for checkups in both children and adults. During these checkups, doctors help in detecting mild problems that could be affecting your teeth. The doctor can offer medication to these conditions before they become worse which may result in more severe dental conditions. Parents are advised to book check-ups for their children during this time. Nothing can ruin a vacation that that small oral problem that could have been evaded during a checkup.

Keep Up Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene involves brushing of teeth at least twice in a day just as in any other season. After brushing, floss the teeth to remove any other particles still trapped in the teeth. During the vacations, parents should always encourage their children to brush and floss their teeth. Swimming water sometimes contains chlorine and other compounds. One is therefore supposed to brush their teeth after swimming to remove these elements. Summer is also the best time to acquire a new toothbrush and do away with the old one.

The acidic pH of chlorine elements present in swimming water may cause the discoloration of teeth, and only brushing can be the remedy for this discoloration.

Prevent Dental Emergencies.

Summer, as stated, involves a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, beach volleyball, bicycle riding and many others. These activities can result in dental injuries to both children and even adults.

Parents mostly equip children with knee pads, helmets or any other protective gears, only to forget that their mouths can also be injured. To minimize any damages to the mouth, children and adults can wear mouth guards to safeguard their teeth from cracking, chipping or breaking in the event of an accident.

An emergency dental care kit should also be part of the vacation. The essentials for the emergency kit are a gauze to stop bleeding, ibuprofen and a handkerchief.

Stay Hydrated

During summer, the high temperatures of the surroundings deprive our bodies of water, making us dehydrated time and again. To stay hydrated, drink more water and other fluids like fresh juice.

Avoid Sugary Drinks and Food

In as much as it is advisable to drink more fluids and liquids, the liquids should not contain too much sugar. Fluids with too much sugar can lead to teeth decay and other periodontal diseases.

Healthy Snacks

During summer, children stay at home most of the time in a day. Parents should, therefore, maintain a kitchen full of snacks, fresh fruits, and vegetable. Instead of keeping soda and other sugary fluids, parents can stock more bottled water. Foods rich in proteins alongside nuts and cheese can also be vital in the development of gums and gum tissues. Always avoid junk food high in carbohydrates and starch. Above all, children and adult should feed more on calcium-rich foods. The calcium is vital in the development of healthy bones and teeth.

Don’t Allow Your Mouth to Get Dry

When your mouth is dehydrated, plaque can easily accumulate in the mouth. The plaque can lead to teeth decay and bad breath. To avoid this, you are advised to sip water always to prevent your mouth from getting dry.

Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes and tobacco contain a chemical substance called nicotine. The nicotine causes tooth decays and bad breath. It also stains and deteriorates teeth. Vita Dental Spring, therefore, recommends that people on a summer vacation should avoid smoking.

Clean Your Teeth with Baking Soda

Cleaning your teeth with baking soda is a natural remedy for removing plaque from your teeth. The soda removes any stains and bad breath from the teeth.

Avoiding Chewing Ice

Chewing ice on a sunny, hot day can be tempting. Ice and other hard substances can, however, damage the teeth. Too much ice can also wear out your teeth enamel.

These tips when added up and practiced can make a huge difference during your summer vacation. Summer will come and go, but your teeth are there to last forever. It is recommended to make wise and educated choices about your dental health during the summer.

Parents should be at the forefront of making sure that their children observe these tips during and even after summer seasons. By so doing, their children are assured of healthy oral health.

You can learn more about summer dental tips and the benefits of observing these tips from Vita Dental Springs. We stand dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy oral health.