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Benefits of Invisalign Treatment for Teens

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment for Teens 150 150 Tony

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment for Teens

A majority of teens are embracing Invisalign as the clear alternative for straightening teeth. Invisalign Teen treatment has become a popular choice among teens because; of the ability to remove your straightening system and eat favourite foods, as well as continue with your regular oral hygiene routine.

If you’re unsure about the benefits of Invisalign Teen clear aligners, Vita Dental Spring is here to explain some of the perks.

Considerably Discreet

Invisalign boasts of clear aligner trays that straighten teeth and give you a beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.  Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, and people won’t know you’re wearing them. Chances are, the only people who will know you’re wearing them, are the people you tell yourself!

Increases Confidence and Esteem

Invisalign stirs confidence in teens and eliminates the self-consciousness and awkward smiles in pictures. Although aligners are temporary, most teens get this treatment at a time in their lives when personal appearance becomes very important to their peers. It helps to improve their self-esteem as it doesn’t interfere with the teenager’s voice or speaking patterns.

Lesser Appointments

Fewer dental appointments make parents happy!  Invisalign requires fewer office visits to achieve that beautiful smile; and your sessions will be fast as no modifications will be made, just new trays to obtain. Having fewer appointments is an advantage because it frees up time in everyone’s schedule while still being an active treatment choice.

Freedom to Play Sports and Musical Instruments

Teenage athletes and members of a marching band prefer Invisalign because it is removable and allows you to participate in your activity without worrying about injury or abrasion. With Invisalign, the teen can remove the aligners during an event or keep them in.  It may take some adjustments to relearn how to play an instrument while wearing the aligners, but the great news is that there will be no pain experienced.  Vita Dental Spring recommends Invisalign Treatment for our athletic and musically inclined teen patients!

Great Option for Those in the Showbiz

For those who enjoy being on stage and in front of an audience, Invisalign is a good option. Stage performers can confidently proceed with acting or speaking requirements because of the discreet nature of the aligners.

No Diet Restrictions

Most orthodontic treatment alternatives require dietary restriction to maintain the efficiency of the appliance. With Invisalign, you are free to eat and drink any foods and beverages that you enjoy; without worrying about food getting stuck in your braces or a bracket popping off. You will remove your aligners when you eat and replace them back after eating and cleaning them, is complete.

Easier to Care for Hygienically

Teenagers are more likely to follow an oral hygiene routine if it is simple. Invisalign allows them to be cautious about their dental hygiene. All the teen has to do is take out the aligners, brush them with toothpaste or a recommended commercial cleanser, brush his/her teeth as usual, and then replace the aligners.  As long as this procedure is done correctly, there are no chances of developing cavities or teeth damage in any other way.

Can Be Replaced If Lost

In most cases, your teen can take out his aligners to eat lunch at school, lay them on a napkin, and unintentionally throws them away, forget them at a friend’s house, or misplace them.

What is going to happen if a set of aligners get lost?  You can get them replaced by contacting Vita Dental Spring and letting us know that the aligners are missing.  If your teen was close to swapping out those aligners for the next set, we might proceed to the next set of trays and not worry about a replacement

Less Painful

As compared to the traditional braces, there will be a lesser pain, some slight soreness, and discomfort. It is because there is no metal, bracket or wires that will pop out, cut or scrape the gums or inside of the lips. There is minimal chance of orthodontic emergencies since; Invisalign provides an overall less painful experience and peace of mind.

Creates a Sense of Responsibility

It can be difficult at times to get teens to wear the aligners as much as they are supposed to wear them. When they refuse to wear the aligners, it lengthens the treatment process and reduces its efficiency.

However, with time teenagers can learn and embrace this treatment.  For instance, getting them to prepare their own Invisalign “kits” for school or gymnastics, always on the ready- keeps them on toes whenever they run out of supplies like toothpaste or toothbrush.

It’s imperative to choose experienced doctors to start and oversee your teen’s treatment. Our team at Vita Dental Spring will help to ensure the most favourable results possible.  Each smile created here begins with a consultation; that will give you the opportunity to meet our able team, learn more about Invisalign and discuss the treatment options that will best fit your teen’s needs.