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Are You In Need Of A Root Canal?

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Are You In Need Of A Root Canal?

Not all tooth problems require a root canal procedure. But how do you know that you require a root canal procedure? Chances of having a root canal procedure are high if you are suffering from a serious tooth pain caused by a serious tooth infection or a tooth decay. A root canal procedure repairs damaged teeth and consequently saves them from being removed completely. Retrieved from the root canal as part of the tooth, since the procedure involves cleaning out the infected and damaged internal tissues of the tooth system that extend to the root.

In most cases, a root canal procedure becomes necessary when the decay has eaten the enamel up and started affecting the interior or the pulp commonly known to many as the nerve. However, only the dentist can determine if you are the right candidate for a root canal procedure. If you experience the following symptoms you may require a root canal procedure.

Sensitivity And Pain

Healthy teeth do not hurt or give the slightest sense to cold or hot temperatures and even pressure. An infected tooth exposes one to discomfort from pain and extreme sensitivity. The tooth becomes so sensitive that even the slightest hush of air you breathe will cause you to say a sudden “ouch”. If you find yourself in pain when chewing and the pain becomes too sharp when eating foods high in sugar content, you are probably a candidate to a root canal procedure. In some cases, the tooth may get too infected to a point they are completely dead and no more pain can be felt.

Darkening Of The Interior Part Of The Tooth

Be sure not to confuse a tooth stain with a tooth infection. A tooth stain will affect the enamel, but a tooth infection attacks the interior of the tooth and causes the pulp to change colour as the infection spreads. With the pulp getting darker, you will notice that the tooth gets darker from within compared to other surrounding teeth. You will also notice that cleaning and other teeth whitening procedures do not have an effect on the darkening tooth. Before the condition worsens, you may need to reach out to a dentist for immediate help.

Gum Tenderness And Swelling

Not all cases where your gums swell requires a root canal treatment. However, the dentist is going to conduct an examination and determine if the gum swelling requires a root canal treatment to level it down. The swelling mostly comes in form of a lump that one can actually feel. It may also have a noticeable fullness that may extend to the face or the neck and display the swelling. The swelling may also carry pus that will leave a bad taste in your mouth also causing bad breath. Since not every gum swelling calls for endodontic treatment, visit the dentist for a proper diagnosis before proceeding with the treatment.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is a predisposing factor to a tooth infection. Once a tooth is broken, however small, it becomes easier for bacteria to eat up the enamel and finally get to the soft tissue of the tooth. If the chip is not too severe, the dentist will repair the chip by filling. However, in some cases, patients present the chipped tooth when the infection has already spread throughout the tooth which automatically calls for a root canal treatment.

Mouth Trauma

Similarly to a chipped tooth, a mouth trauma caused by a fall or a blow may cause teeth to break which eventually leads to teeth infection. If you have had an injury to the mouth or head, ensure that the dentist monitors the condition of the teeth to prevent tooth decay which may render you a candidate for a root canal procedure. 

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Any infection even the slightest can trigger the swelling of your lymph nodes as the immune system starts to respond to the infection. An infected tooth may cause the lymph nodes on the neck to swell. If you suspect that your tooth may be infected, inspect the size of the lymph nodes or rush to the dentist or any other medical expert for diagnosis.

Zero Symptoms

In some cases, a tooth may be infected on the exterior but will not show any signs. There will be no pain and no sensitivity to ascertain the presence of a tooth infection. In such a case, the infection may not have reached the nerve but headed there. For this reason, it is essential for one to visit the dentist regularly for routine checkups for any tooth infections.

Root canals have an obsolete reputation of being painful but modern dental procedures have incorporated advanced methods and tools to make the procedure pain free. Living with a decaying or infected tooth is more painful than a quick root canal treatment that will serve you longer. At Vita Dental Spring clinic, you will find advanced dentistry methods and equipment to make your treatment smooth. Book an appointment, do not let the tooth infection bug you.