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Are Implants Better Than Crowns?

Are Implants Better Than Crowns? 150 150 Tony

Are you experiencing any dental problems that require you to choose between dental crowns and implants? If you cannot decide on the most suitable treatment to replace your teeth, Vita Dental Spring is here to offer you advice on the treatments for your dental issues.

First, we need to make a quick comparison between the two to clear any doubts and ensure that your choice is ideal.

Are You Comfortable with Surgery?

Whether you are considering crowns or implants, you need to be in a position to decide whether you are comfortable with surgery or not.

Crowns restore missing teeth without the need to undergo surgery, which means they are less invasive. A dental crown is a porcelain or ceramic tooth which fits directly over an existing tooth. Only a portion of the damaged enamel is removed to make room for the new dental cap. It is beneficial because no surrounding teeth are disturbed. When combined with bridges, crowns tend to provide stability when speaking or chewing.

Implants, on the other hand, use a metal post that is implanted under the gums and secured to the jawbone to create a new root system.  The artificial tooth will now be attached to the fresh root. The metal post, made from titanium, is designed to biologically bind with the living bones, through a process known as osseointegration.

Both solutions are natural looking and durable. Schedule an appointment today at Vita Dental Spring to discuss them further.

Exposure to Tooth Decay

A crown only covers a partially broken tooth or cavity, which means that the inner portion of the tooth is still alive and still susceptible to getting aninfection.

Dental Implants replace the whole tooth and work in the same manner as natural teeth.  No complications arise during their lifespan. The implant will never get cavities, need a root canal or pose a risk to the surrounding teeth.

Discuss with your family dentist at Vita Dental Spring so that they can help you decide which option will work best for you. The good news is that if you opt for a crown and they wear off, you can still get dental implants.


Some of the factors that determine how long crowns and implants get to last are the patient’s lifestyle and overall dental hygiene practices. Preexisting medical conditions can also cause the treatments to fail.

Dental crowns need replacements on a periodic basis due to normal wear over a specified period. It is also good to note that the location of dental implants can affect its longevity. Implants placed at the back of the mouth become strained because of chewing, thus causing them to fail more quickly as compared to those near the front of the mouth.

Proper maintenance with adequate brushing and flossing is beneficial in ensuring that they both last a lifetime.

The Cost

When comparing the overall and long-term expenses between an implant and a crown, you will notice that implants offer much better value because they are cost-effective. You may have heard that dental implants are costly.  Some determinant factors may include the location of the missing teeth (front or rear teeth), whether it’s a single or multiple dental implants and individual patient circumstances. However, with the help of dental plans, your out of pocket price will be minimal.  Schedule an appointment with your dentists today and get to know more about the various payment plans available.

Risks involved

In any treatment, there are bound to be problems that could develop that can cause the treatment to be unsuccessful. If you are considering either of the two treatment options, it’s vital to weigh your personal needs, goals, and contemplate on the risks involved.

Crowns especially those made from porcelain may crack, fall off, and become loose.  When the cement washes off from under the dental cap, it becomes an entry point for bacteria which results in tooth decay for the remaining tooth. Contact your family dentist at Vita Dental Spring immediately.  He/she will re-cement the crown in place or create a new cap if need be. A mixture of metals used to make crowns may also cause an allergic reaction and a dark line next to the gum line of a crowned tooth.

Dental implants carry a higher risk because surgery is required to attach them. However, when performed by skilled dentists like those at Vita Dental Spring, the chances of failure are significantly reduced. Some common risks associated with dental implants include:

  • Excessive bleeding, discomfort, and pain
  • Puncture of the sinus cavity
  • Damage to nerves or blood vessels
  • Implant failure due to improper placement

Failure to address dental problems can lead to certains health problems. Knowing each of these treatments will help you make informed decisions about whether to get implants or crowns.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages that need you to sit down and discuss with your family dentist care. He/ she understands your mouth best and is well equipped with tools and knowledge to guide you in making the correct decisions.