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Are Home Whitening Strips Bad for your Teeth?

Are Home Whitening Strips Bad for your Teeth? 150 150 Tony

Are Home Whitening Strips Bad for your Teeth?

Many people wish that their smile were a bit whiter and brighter than it currently is. They want to see the staining that has built up over time eliminated. One of the most common low-cost options is whitening strips. These strips at quite useful at helping people achieve this. In most cases, these strips do produce results. However, we at Vita Dental Spring want to tell you about some of the side effects that may arise from using these strips.

How the Strips Work

The strips are made using a soft plastic substance and then coated with a thin layer of whitening gel. The gel will usually contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When applied to the teeth, the gel is pressed against the teeth’s surface and held there. It then absorbs into the teeth and lightens them.

These strips need to be applied daily for about two weeks. It’s a simple process and works well, especially for mild cases of teeth staining. However, there are some issues, which you need to be aware of if you want good results.

There Is A Risk Of Uneven Whitening

However well you place the strips, the fact is that the piece is a 2D surface applied to 3D teeth. There is always a chance that it will not make full contact with the teeth. Without careful application, you might leave some spots uncovered. These tiny uncovered areas can grow in number with time. At best, you will have uneven results. In the worst cases, you will have yellow edges, which can be quite noticeable.

A Risk Of Gum Problems

The bleaching agent used in whitening strips is not as powerful as the one we use at Vita Dental Spring. However, it is still a harsh chemical and can damage the soft tissues of the gums. If possible, ensure that there is no contact between the gums and strips. However, this is easier said than done. You may even use scissors to cut a piece so that it more closely resembles your smile. This balance is hard to achieve, but you should at least try it.

There Is A Risk Of Tooth Sensitivity

Although the strips are safe; when used in moderation,  overdoing it can lead to sensitivity and cause permanent damage to the teeth.  Excessive use can cause the enamel layer to erode, and you will not just suffer tooth pain,  but you will be at risk of tooth decay and other issues. With time, this may even lead to tooth loss.

Never use the tooth strips longer than the recommended period. Also, be sure that your teeth are in excellent condition and that they do not have gum disease or cavities before you begin the treatment. If you do experience any tooth sensitivity, you can always use tooth sensitivity toothpaste until the sensitivity dissipates.

Child User Error

Adults may be trusted to use the strips according to the instructions. However, data suggests that kids do not follow directions when left alone to use whitening strips. In some cases, they will leave them on longer than instructed. Besides that, some will even swallow them especially if they are young. Thus, it is not recommended to use whitening strips on children.

Another reason never to use whitening strips on children is that there is not enough data. Simply put, no one has commissioned research to show whether these strips are good or bad for teeth. Studies that exist are not conclusive. Thus, most dental experts would never advise you to use dental strips on kids, including the ones at Vita Dental Spring.

There Is Always an Alternative

The official position is that due to the lack of research, the whitening strips are not safe for teens and children. Besides that, they are not entirely useful primarily for the removal of stains in extensive staining. In such a case, you will need a dental expert such as the ones at Vita Dental Spring.

The best way to maintain gleaming teeth is to maintain proper dental hygiene and to attend the regular dental checkups without fail. Besides that, it is recommended to avoid habits that might stain teeth such as tobacco use and taking too much coffee. It is also essential to replace your toothbrush often to ensure that bristles are still useful.

Should You Use Them?

Whitening strips are an effective way to improve the appearance of stained teeth. However, the possible issues about should cause you to pause and think before you use them. Always consult your dentist if you plan to whiten your teeth.

Even better, you can visit our offices and have dental veneers, which offer results that are more permanent. The veneers that we provide offer better results with time and have lower risks. Besides that, the cost is quite lower over time although the initial price is a bit higher.