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Are Dental Implants Painful?

Are Dental Implants Painful? 150 150 Tony

Implants are very popular since they give patients a natural and long lasting smile, allowing them to eat and live without any limitations. You could be thinking of getting a dental implant surgery to replace damaged or missing teeth but are troubled about how severe the pain will be afterward.

Nonetheless, most dental implant patients that visit Vita Dental Spring say the discomfort is minimal, and the procedure doesn’t hurt as such.

It is beneficial for future dental patients to understand what the procedure entails so that they can know the level of pain and ways to cope and minimize it.

So, How Exactly Does the Dental Implant Surgery Work?

The implant surgery at Vita Dental Spring is a process completed over the course of a few months. During this time the dentist and patient work hand in hand to ensure that the outcome is appropriate.

First, the gum is slit to create an opening where the implant will sit. The dentist then positions the dental implant into the jawbone using a screw. In this case, the implant replaces the root of the original tooth.

Once the family dentist has completed positioning the implant, the gums are then closed using sutures. It takes three to six months for the implant to completely heal, during which time the jawbone will form around the implant. Provisional crowns can be placed to enable a person to eat, drink, and smile normally.

After the implant has healed completely, an extension of the implant metal post (also known as an abutment), is placed on the implant and serves as the base for the new tooth. An impression of the abutment is taken to the lab to help create the tooth restoration.

When the dentists complete the restoration process, a return visit to the family dentist office will again be scheduled to finish the process.

Will You Experience Pain during the Dental Implant Surgery?

The amount of pain you experience will depend on how involved the procedure is and how many implants are put in. Drilling and screwing of the jaw bone sounds painful, but you’ll be glad to know that inserting dental implants is much easier than a tooth extraction.

A local anesthetic is used, which means you will remain awake during the surgery.

If the doctor injects the anesthetic on healthy bone tissue, then you shouldn’t feel any pain. Moreover, it’s advantageous because the bone doesn’t have a lot of pain-sensing nerves.

However, if you’re nervous and anxious about the surgery, the family dentists at Vita Dental Spring have sedative options to make you more comfortable during the operation.

Will You Experience Pain after the Dental Implant Surgery?

As mentioned earlier, most patients are likely to experience discomfort immediately after the surgery which can last for a few days.

When the numbness wears off, you may feel discomfort in the chin, cheeks, or underneath the eyes. You could also experience bruising of the gums, minor bleeding, and pain at the implant site. The pain is often manageable, and your dental physician at Vita Dental Spring may recommend painkillers, such as Ibuprofen. Alternatively, you can also try to implement the following pain management solutions at home.

  • When you go home after a successful dental implant surgery, you should use an ice pack to reduce swelling.
  • Ensure that you eat soft foods after each stage of the surgery so as not to aggravate the affected area.
  • You should also continue rinsing your mouth gently with warm salt water throughout the days after the procedure to help soothe the tissues and offer additional relief.

How Long Will The Pain Last?

It is difficult to give a specific time frame of how long the pain will last because every patient is unique.  Here is a general timeline of what to expect regarding terms of pain during your recovery period.

  • Having dental implant pain after one week is normal, and you should continue with your dentist’s recovery instructions.
  • After two weeks the pain should have subsided. If not contact Vita Dental Spring, as this could mean that you have developed an infection.
  • Pain after three to four months could be an indication of autoimmune diseases, inadequate blood supply, or interactions and complications with other medication.
  • Dental pain that lasts for a year or longer could be due to continued smoking, teeth grinding (bruxism), poor oral hygiene, and lack of gum tissue or bone in the jaw.

Other additional factors that can cause pain are:

  • When the small screw inside the top of the implant loosens during the healing process
  • When the jaw doesn’t have enough bone mass
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Failure of the implant to integrate with the patient’s bone
  • When the heat from the dentist’s drill causes bone damage around the surgical area
  • Injury of the nerve during the drilling process.

Vita Dental Spring provides you with first-class care and comfortable dental implant surgeries.

Since this is a major dental surgery, it’s vital to choose oral surgeons with experience who can provide gentle care. Our returning patients are delighted with their dental implants, and they report very little pain and discomfort.

Call us or contact us online to schedule your consultation and discuss any questions you may have pertaining to dental implants. We want to offer personalized, inviting care and provide you a healthy smile you love.