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All on 4 Dental Implants – Restorative Dentistry in Spring Texas

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The all 4 one procedure

The procedure usually takes place in two phases, although both of these phases can happen on the same day. During the first period, dental implants will be positioned below the gum line. However, this is where the procedure departs from the placement of standard dental implants.

In the surgery, the implants are placed at points along the jaw, where they can support the dentures. In the all on four processes, the front part, which often contains more dense bone is harnessed. As the name suggests, patients are given four dental implants to support the dentures. Two of these implants will be placed vertically into the jawbone and anchor the front part of the dentures. Two more implants are angled from the back to the front of the jaw diagonally. Thus, a significant portion is anchored in the front jawbone with the rest of the deteriorated jaw providing extra support.

It is usually enough to support for stable dentures without a need for advanced procedures such as bone grafting. The result is that the procedure takes only a small amount of time and there is also a reduced risk of failure.

Benefits of using all on four dentures

Many advantages exist that should encourage you to get these dentures. There are too many of them to list but here are just a few of them:

  • Leads to better denture stability unlike traditional dentures, which may fall out during speech or eating
  • The chewing ability has been known to improve by as much as 70%
  • There is improvement comfort both during and after the operation unlike in other procedures
  • Patients who may not traditionally be ideal candidates for implants will get to qualify for these implants
  • It is possible to place dental implants without the need for undergoing complex procedures such as bone grafting, which come with an added level of risk

Use of specialized technology

At most modern dental clinics such as ours, you will find modern x-ray machines that can be used to determine the bone density. You may need to undergo CT/Cone Beam scanner for the process.

In most cases, a digital x-ray will suffice in making the assessment. However, in some cases, a complete view of the jawbone is needed. With this map, the dentist can give a full diagnosis and determine if the procedure will work or not. This aids in making well-informed decisions such as where precisely to place the dental implants.

After the procedure, you may be given some advice on what you need to do to keep your dentures in perfect condition. However, in most cases, primary oral health care will suffice. You will not need to purchase any specialized devices or solutions to maintain your oral health.

It is worth noting that you may never need to revisit the dental chair to deal with the implants. Once they are placed in the jaws, they are there for life. They will fuse with the natural bone and encourage the growth of a thicker jawbone.

If you have been rejected as a potential candidate for dental implants in the past, get in touch with us. The all on four dental procedure may be just what you need to get that beautiful smile.