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Age and Dental Health

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Age and Dental Health

Oral and dental hygiene is an important activity at any age in someone’s life, whether young or old. In babies, it is important to introduce oral hygiene. Healthy teeth guide how the permanent teeth will grow into their place. Moreover, healthy teeth help in; shaping a babies’ face, chewing and even speaking.

When dental health is therefore not observed in children, this can lead to general problems in the babies’ growth and development.

According to Vita Dental Spring, tooth decay is the most common condition among children. The following oral hygiene can, therefore, be done on children to avert many other dental problems:


Dental health in babies starts even before teeth begin growing. After feeding babies, parents are advised to wipe their babies’ gums with a soft damp piece of cloth. This helps to remove plaque that may stick on the gums.

The wiping also helps to remove milk or any juice that sits on the gums, as the milk may cause tooth decay.

2. Brushing of Children’s Teeth

Parents are advised to make brushing teeth a habit for children. This can be achievable by the parent themselves brushing their children’s teeth when they begin to grow.

3. Visiting of Dentists

Parents should be taking their children to dentists for any checkups on their teeth. Dentists will help recognize any problem that might be in its early stages.

Dentists also help determine, bruxism condition where children grind their teeth due to misalignment of jaws or stress.

4.Being Observant on Children’s Diet

Parents should monitor what they feed their children on. Children, for instance, should not be fed on foods rich in too much sugar as it leads to the decaying of teeth.

Just like children, adults also required to maintain dental health to prevent themselves from diseases like cavities, gingivitis, periodontal and even bad breath

4.Brushing teeth at least twice in a day

After meals, solid food substances called plaque are deposited on the teeth. Brushing teeth, therefore, helps to remove the plaque. Brushing of teeth should be done at least twice in a single day, although one can brush up to three times; morning, after lunch and in the evening after supper. The tongue is also a key component of oral hygiene. Therefore, when brushing the teeth, do not neglect to brush the tongue also.

5. Reduce the intake of food rich in sugar

Just like children, adults should avoid consuming food containing a lot of sugar. Sugar is converted into acids by the bacteria in the mouth. These acids lead to an oral disorder called cavities. Moreover, acidic conditions favor the rotting of the teeth and damage of the root enamel. Acids can also dissolve the minerals in the enamel of the teeth hence softening the tooth material. Humans cannot distance themselves from consuming sugary foods.

6.Floss your teeth daily

After brushing teeth, small food deposits may remain in between the teeth. Flossing is, therefore, necessary to remove this substance that a toothbrush was unable to remove. A soft string can be used to floss teeth. Alternatively, a water flosser can be used since string flossing can be dangerous to the gums.

7.Avoiding tobacco

Tobacco contains a substance called nicotine. The nicotine contains a black chemical substance called tar that stain teeth. This tar also weakens teeth and causes bad breath.

Apart from the above problems, tar is associated with oral cancer. Adults should, therefore, avoid chewing tobacco or smoking it like cigarettes.

8.Visiting your dentist

Adults, just like children, should regularly book a date with their doctors at least twice in a year. Book an appointment with Vita Dental Spring and have your dental health checked.

9. Eat foods rich in calcium

Calcium is a vital mineral in growth and development of teeth. It does not only help to grow stronger bones, but it also helps in the development of stronger teeth and healthy gums. Milk is the main source of calcium. Drinking plenty of milk is the best dose of getting calcium into your body. Cheese, yogurt or broccoli are other sources of calcium

10.Eating of apple

Apples not only keep doctors away, but they too keep dentists away. Apple as a crunchy food will scrub away stains on your teeth. When chewing apples, the rigid texture will help eliminate stubborn stains with time. Apple cider vinegar will in a way also whiten your teeth, kill bacteria and remove stains too.

The process of maintaining healthy teeth is a task on its own that require tips on how to keep your teeth healthy, attractive and free of any oral diseases.

Leafy greens like kales and spinach are also rich in fiber and have low calories. The fibers are important for making teeth stronger.

When the above tips are practiced, be guaranteed of a disease-free and healthy dental formula. One can visit Vita Dental Springs for oral guidance and help in case of any dental problem. Here we offer a cure to various oral problems at a pocket-friendly price.