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A Closer Look at the Implant Overdenture in Spring Texas

A Closer Look at the Implant Overdenture in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

A Closer Look at the Implant Overdenture

Some scenarios may lead to loosing of tooth or teeth including extraction due to infections, accidental breakages, aesthetic extractions to name but a few. Having missing teeth is no fun fete. In fact, losing teeth can lead to poor functionality especially when it comes to chewing, loss of confidence, poor speech among other limitations. However, loss of teeth should not be the cause of living such a poor-quality life. There are various restorative approaches that you can take to restore the quality of life. One such approach is getting implants overdentures. Here we get a closer look at some of the most important things you need to know about implant overdenture.

How Do Implant Overdenture Work?

Dentures are tooth restorative devices used to replace missing teeth. Dentures can work on their own. However, these devices need to be supported for them to work efficiently. It is where implants come in. Two significant types of implant are used overdentures; ball and bar-retained dentures

  • Ball-Retained Dentures. Each implant holds an attachment which fits into another attachment. This model derives its name from the shape it bears which is ball-shaped. The denture has a “male” attachment which is fitted with a “female” attachment. The denture itself holds on the male attachment while the implant holds onto the female attachment.
  • Bar-Retained Dentures. In this type, a metal bar that is shaped in the form of a patient’s jawbone is fitted with some implants (usually two or more) then mounted onto the jawbone. Clips are then fitted onto the denture for support.