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5 Root Canal Symptoms

5 Root Canal Symptoms 150 150 Tony

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an integral part of your teeth. The sensitive bit is made up of passages within the tooth that pass through the root and the pulp of the tooth. It plays a significant role in that it holds the nerves and the blood vessels.

A root canal is also a dental procedure done when your root canal passages inside the tooth get damaged. The treatment is needed to get rid of the infections. The whole process removes the pain in your tooth. It also removes all the nerves and the blood vessels.

Root canal procedure hence does not save your tooth from dying. It serves to preserve your already dead tooth. However, a person who has undergone this procedure will continue to chew and bite as if nothing happened to the vessels and nerves of the tooth. Millions of people undertake this procedure across the world on an annual basis.

A root canal is also a condition. It is shocking to find that close to 20% of all the adult population suffers from this problem, and it is still untested.

The most shocking part is that a majority of these people do not know that they have this problem.

A root canal develops due to many things including a bacterial infection in your mouth. Your nerves become damaged, and you start experiencing a lot of pain. If left untreated, it might lead to severe damage. So what are some of the symptoms of this condition?

Dentists at Vita Spring Dental request you to visit a dental facility if you experience the following symptoms.

Five Common Symptoms of a Root Canal

Continuous And Severe Pain

Pain is perhaps the very first sign that your root canal condition requires immediate medical attention. It is apparent that we would experience pain from time to time. However, dentists from Vita Spring Dental say that there is a reason to worry if this is pain persistent and severe. Chewing of soft food needs not to be painful. The pressure applied on your teeth does not warrant any form of discomfort. However, if this happens, there is a significant problem with your teeth which requires you to visit a dentist. It is an indication that the nerves in your teeth are damaged. Thus you have a root canal, and you need a dental procedure.

The Discoloring Of Teeth

Perhaps most people especially those who consume water with a lot of fluorides suffer from this problem. Fluoride happens to react with some chemical components in our teeth hence discoloring them. Specific eating and drinking habits can also cause teeth declaration. Smoking is also a significant cause of this problem. It has made teeth whitening to be a common dental procedure among smokers and people who have poor eating habits.

However, Vita Spring Dental warns that you might be having a problem if you have a tooth which is discoloring at a faster rate than the others. It could be an indication that the pulp which contains most of the nerves and blood vessels has been damaged. You, therefore, need to visit a dentist to assess whether you might be suffering from root canal problem

A Recurring And Persistent Pimple On The Gum

Many people cannot believe that the gum too can have blisters. Dr. Seung Hyung Son at Vita Spring Dental confirms this is a possibility especially for those who have a root canal. Although pimples are not always a sign of this problem, they are a sign that something is seriously wrong with your gums

Blisters associated with a root canal are not necessarily painful. Perhaps this can be the primary reason why most people tend to ignore them and never associate them with any form of dental problem. To be on the safe side, you are advised to call Dr. Seung Hyung Son at Vita Dental Spring if you notice a pimple above or below your tooth.

Excessive Sensitivity To Hot And Cold Foods/Drinks

Everyone is bound to experience sensitivity to hot and cold beverages. However, if you have extreme teeth sensitivity, it is a symptom of a problem with your teeth. Eating hot foods or ice cream does not need to be painful for you unless a root canal has damaged your nerves. The bacteria has already destroyed the blood vessels hence they are sensitive to any in your mouth. Do not try to avoid eating cold or hot foods/drinks. Visit Dr. Seung Hyung Son at Vita Dental Spring for the correct medication.

Excessive Tenderness And The Swelling Of The Gum

Swelling is a clear indication of a bacterial infection in your teeth. They require an immediate medical procedure to eliminate and stop the disease from spreading to other parts of the body. Additionally, this swelling might be a sign of a root canal. Never engage in guesswork. It is good to see family dentist at Vita Dental Spring.