Why You Should Choose a Dr. Jisoo Shin DDS for General Dentistry
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5 Reasons to Choose Dr. Jisoo Shin, DDS for Dentistry

5 Reasons to Choose Dr. Jisoo Shin, DDS for Dentistry 732 429 admin

Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS is one of the loved and sought after dentists in Katy. People of all walks of life and ages love the charismatic Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS. What makes her so special? Is she really that good? Why do so many people in and around Katy love Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS? Today we take a look into her life to find out why Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS is the best Katy Dentist.

Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS is a general dentist who plies her trade in Vita Dental group in Houston. She has been a dentist for over 10 years and has grown to become Katy’s preferred dentist especially for kids. Her dedication and commitment to help the young ones and their parents keep smiling have seen her become Katy’s number one dentist. If you are looking for the best dentist to hire in Katy, here are the reasons Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS should be your first option always;

  1. Academic Success and excellent professional qualifications

When it comes to success, Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS has seen it all. A hard working person from an early age, she has excelled with flying colors in all her academic levels. Doctor Jisoo Shin graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology in 2004. She decided to continue her education in New York, where she graduated with a DDS degree from the New York University, College of Dentistry in 2010. As if that was not enough, she completed her 1 year of general practice residency at the Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx. In all these institutions, Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS depicted an appetite for knowledge and was keen to add to her almost full box of tricks in terms of dentistry. She is more than qualified as a dentist as it’s no surprise therefore that many people in Katy hire her Dental Care services.

  1. Diversity

She can handle it all when it comes to dentistry. She was not selective when it came to choosing a specific area of expertise and harnessed enough knowledge and skills in multiple dentistry to make her one of the most complete dentists around. Some areas that Doctor Shin is diverse in are Restorative, Prosthetic (Crowns, Bridges and Denture)and Endodontic treatment. She particularly has a soft-spot for the young ones in the family. She has a mother’s instincts and therefore handles the little angels with gentleness and care that they yearn for. This does not mean that she can’t handle the senior citizens in the family. She can handle anyone with ease and her nature lets her mingle with people freely.

  1. Experience in the Dental Industry

Even before she started working with Vita Dental in Houston, Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS had amassed experience in the field of Dentistry. She has worked with very many clients and has seen quite a number of dental cases. With over ten years of practice, you can trust Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS to competently handle any dental problem within the family. She has equally gained experience by working with Houston’s best dentists at Vita Dental. They have helped her grow as a person and even more as a dentist. Her massive experience has helped her associate well with people of all ages and backgrounds. This is crucial in dentistry.

  1. Licensed, Accredited and Recognized by the relevant bodies

Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS is an accredited, licensed and recognized dentist. Doctor Shin is an active member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. She also takes part in various Dentistry seminars and contributes to the relevant bodies in a bid to make dentistry in Katy better. All this accreditation is a proof of how qualified and the level of professionalism Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS puts into her work.

  1. Good Values and Professional Discipline

Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS has an enviable character both as an individual and as a dentist. Very few dentist are loved by kids. Dentists are almost natural ‘enemies’ to the young ones because of the fear and notions in the society. Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS has managed to bypass these myths and has developed a very good relationship with the kids. Owing to her friendly and caring self, many people have made her their preferred dentist in Katy.

There you go, you have seen some of the reasons why Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS is the best dentist in Katy. If you are looking for the best dentist to hire in Katy and Houston at large, then Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS should be one of your best options. She works with some of the best dentists at Vita Dental and they have the best facilities in the area. Visit their website at www.vitadentalhouston.com and hire Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS for the best service in Katy.