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25 Ways to Avoid Tooth Decay and Enamel Erosion from Soda

25 Ways to Avoid Tooth Decay and Enamel Erosion from Soda 150 150 admin

Enamel is the hardest part of the tooth. It protects the teeth from decay and damage. The enamel is even stronger than bone. However, acids found in soda can erode it. The result is usually tooth decay. Here are tips that vita professional dentist think will help you avoid enamel erosion.

Tips to Avoid Tooth Enamel Decay

  1. Take Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich in calcium and phosphorous. These minerals are important if you want to maintain a thick enamel layer.

  1. Use a Mouthwash to Keep your Teeth Clean

A fluoride-based mouthwash ensures that all crevices of your teeth are covered in fluoride. This mineral is essential in keeping the bacteria that causes tooth decay at bay.

  1. Go for Regular Check Ups

Dental checkups help you to identify a problem before it becomes worse. Ensure that you visit a practice with experienced dentists such as Vital Dental.

  1. Use Dental Sealants

Sealants are used to block crevices where you think food particles might hide. Ask your dentist to use sealants to mitigate any potential tooth decay because of stuck food particles.

  1. Drink Normal Water

In most cities, the local governments add fluoride to the water. Thus, you will benefit from having your teeth covered in a protective fluoride that prevents tooth decay.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Your teeth are a living part of your body. They need to be supplied with nutrients to avoid decaying or enamel erosion. It can only be achieved with a balanced diet.

  1. Consult Your Dentist

If everything fails, talk to your dentist. He can provide you with medication or special toothpaste to prevent further tooth decay and enamel erosion.

  1. Use a Straw to take Soda

When you take your soda with a straw, it reduces contact with the teeth. Thus, there is a reduced risk of enamel erosion.

  1. Go for antibacterial Treatment

The main cause of tooth decay is bacteria. Your doctor can recommend an antibacterial treatment that is meant to reduce the levels of bacteria in your mouth.

  1. Drink a Bit of wine

It is widely practiced by many people as a way to fight tooth decay. Small amounts of wine are a healthy way to keep bacteria levels in your mouth in check.

  1. Brush Often

If you want a simple and proven method of preventing cavities, you should brush your teeth. It is quite easy and only takes about three minutes of your time.

  1. Try oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient practice of cleaning teeth. Its positive effects on teeth have been known for hundreds of years by tribes in Asia.

  1. Rinse After a Meal

Even when it is not possible to brush after a meal, ensure that you rinse. It helps to get rid of food particles that may otherwise have remained lodged in the mouth.

  1. Chew Gum Containing Xylitol

Sugarless gum with xylitol is a great way to clean your teeth. The xylitol fights bacteria while the chewing action produces saliva, which helps to protect the enamel from erosion.

  1. Each a Crunchy Fruit

Fruits such as apples help to keep the dentist away. The crunchiness of apples helps to clean the surface of teeth, thus reducing chances of enamel erosion.

  1. Protect Teeth from injury

During sports, wear a full-face guard or a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Any injury could chip away at the enamel.

  1. Avoid Chewing Inedible Things

If you are fond of chewing rocks, it could erode your enamel. A good number of people chew rocks, which erodes their teeth.

  1. Avoid tobacco

Tobacco products deposit an acidic layer on the teeth. With time, this layer starts to erode the enamel and causes tooth decay.

  1. Get Your Dry Mouth treated

If you notice that your mouth is uncharacteristically dry, you should be checked to see if you have dry mouth. Lack of saliva in the mouth could cause the enamel on your teeth to be eroded.

  1. Use the Right Brushing Techniques

Simply brushing your teeth is not important. If you are not doing it right, you might actually be leaving behind lots of bacteria in the mouth. The result is that you will experience tooth decay.

  1. Avoid sung Your Teeth to Open Caps

Many people have a habit of using teeth to open bottle caps or to crack nuts. Teeth are not designed for this purpose. Each time you do that, a bit of the enamel is eroded.

  1. Drink Regular Tap Water

Tap water contains fluoride, a powerful anti-cavity agent. Unless you live in a place where tap water is contaminated, you should drink tap water as often as possible.

  1. Avoid Tongue Piercings

Having studs in your mouth can lead to infections that encourage the growth of bacteria. The piercing can also grind against teeth and cause the enamel to erode.

  1. Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Some people have a problem that causes them to grind their teeth during sleep. If you grind your teeth, they will be worn out and that could lead to a higher prevalence of cavities. Look for help.

  1. Get Your Teeth aligned

If your teeth are crooked, it may be one of the reasons you have so many cavities. Crooked teeth make it hard to use a toothbrush. Besides that, it increases the chances of teeth rubbing against each other, leading to the enamel being eroded.