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25 Tips to Getting a Root Canal

25 Tips to Getting a Root Canal 150 150 admin

A root canal is a procedure, which is done to save the tooth. It is usually recommended when the tooth develops a cavity that threatens to infect the surrounding tissue. Here are some great tips that Vital Dental think you should know about root canals.

Follow after root canal treatment:

  1. Do Not Eat immediately After Treatment

You should wait for the numbness in your mouth to wear off before attempting to bite down on anything. Otherwise, you might end up biting off chunks of your tongue.

  1. You Have to Floss

After getting a root canal, you have to continue flossing and brushing your teeth. The tissue surrounding your tooth could still be infected.

  1. Check the Filing

If your dentist used a temporary filling, it might come off. Check in the mirror and contact your dentist to refill it if it comes off before your next appointment.

  1. Check for Inflammation

If the tissue surrounding your tooth seems inflamed, you should call the dentist. It could indicate that something went wrong.

  1. Check for Allergies

After a root canal, you will be given some medication. If you develop hives because of the medication, you should get in touch with the doctor; there is usually an alternative available.

  1. Ensure Your bite is Not Uneven

After a root canal, the bite may become uneven. If you ignore this condition, it could lead to constant migraines over time. Talk to your dentist to see if he or she has a solution.

  1. Take Pain Relievers

After leaving your root canal appointment, the anesthesia will wear off. You should ensure that you have already taken some pain relievers to dull some of the pain that will hit you.

  1. Avoid Chewing Gum

The temporary filling material is not usually resistant to trauma. If you start chewing immediately after the root canal, the material could be dislodged, causing your tooth to become infected.

  1. Check for the Pain Levels

You will usually experience some pain immediately after your root canal treatment. However, if this pain becomes prolonged and excessive, you might need to get it checked.

  1. Ensure the Area of the Root Canal is Extra Clean

When brushing a flossing, pay extra attention to the area of your root canal. It is important that no food particles be left stuck there before it has an opportunity to heal.

  1. Invest in a Night Guard

A night guard is an important device to have if you clench your jaws. It helps you to avoid placing excessive pressure on the tooth.

  1. Take the Full Dose of antibiotics

Antibiotics will help you prevent any infection from taking root. Besides that, taking the full does means you will not face problems with drug resistance in future.

  1. Consider Getting a Crown

A tooth that has undergone a root canal is more likely to stay intact if you get a crown. Besides that, a crown increases its functionality.

  1. Rinse Your Mouth Often

Immediately after a root canal, you should rinse your mouth numerous times throughout the day. You should use warm water with some salt in it to help keep the bacteria levels low.

  1. Avoid Smoking

If you are an avid smoker, it could make it hard for the tooth to heal in good time. Sometimes, it could even lead to an infection.

  1. Avoid Drinking Too

Taking alcohol is not recommended after a root canal. Too much alcohol interferes with the ecology of the mouth, which can lead to more bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

Healing after a root canal requires a lot of nutrients and energy. Taking it easy immediately after the operation is an important way to help the body rebuild itself.

  1. Use an Ice Pack

Some mild swelling will occur after you get a root canal. To deal with it, you should consider placing an ice park for about fifteen minutes or less near the area of the root canal procedure.

  1. Ask if It is Necessary

Sometimes a dentist will give you an opinion indicating that you need a root. You should ask if it is necessary and whether there is something else that can be done. The procedure is irreversible.

  1. Never Wait Too Long

When it becomes obvious that the root canal is necessary, get it done as soon as possible. It reduces the chances of the infection spreading to other teeth.

  1. A Post Mat Be Needed

A post is usually required when you opt to get a crown after your root canal. It is especially so if there is not enough material to support the crown.

  1. Eat You Food Slowly

Chewing fast can cause your crown to be ripped off. When eating, be conscious that you just had a root canal and chew slowly.

  1. Avoid Chewing Inedible Things

Some people have a bad habit of chewing on pen caps. After a root canal, it is time to drop those bad habits.

  1. Wear Protection During contact Sports

While you may have ignored wearing a mouth guard in the past, ensure that you wear one after a root canal. The tooth is usually quite brittle.

  1. Go for Regular Check Ups

After a root canal procedure, checkups are important. They help to identify and mitigate any issues early one. You can choose to use some of the experts at Vita Dental Care for your checkups.