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10 Travel Tips for Your Teeth

10 Travel Tips for Your Teeth 150 150 Tony

10 Travel Tips for Your Teeth

Hitting the road is fun and rewarding. However, it can be easy to neglect your oral hygiene habits when travelling; after all, you’re away from home and living out of a bag.  With a little planning, you can avoid taking a vacation from your dental health during your holiday travels!

Vita Dental Spring shares with you some ways on how to make sure you’re taking proper care of your teeth while travelling.

Make Time for a Checkup

Even when you’re fantasizing about a holiday, please spare some time for a dental visit. Prevention isn’t just about taking care of your teeth, but also establishing a relationship with a dentist. Schedule your next regular appointment with Vita Dental Spring before you travel. We shall conduct a thorough exam so we can spot any problems before they happen.

If you have an irritating concern before your trip, sort it out before you travel to avoid a full-blown toothache that can ruin your vacation.

Go Small

Pack up your oral hygiene kit with travel-sized floss tools and mouthwash. Choose antibacterial products rather than just a breath freshener. This way, you destroy the microorganisms that can lead to decay and infection while cleansing the feeling of a dirty mouth.

Choose mini toothpaste, foldable toothbrushes, and small bottles of mouthwash and keep them in your purse or hand luggage; so you can take care of business mid-flight. The more compressed your oral hygiene items are, the more likely you are to use them as needed.

Pack an Extra

Losing a toothbrush on a trip is very common, and often, those provided by the hotel are too stiff for your gums. Always pack an extra toothbrush in your checked bag and one in your backpack or purse as a backup. It would also come in handy for a partner or family member who forgot to carry theirs.

Toothbrush Care Is As Important As Oral Hygiene Itself

Toothbrushes that are left in damp places never thoroughly dry out and therefore need aeration.

If you must use a travel toothbrush holder, make sure it has ample ventilation. If you notice moisture on the inner surface of your holder, chances are bacteria are already building up on the very bristles you trust to clean your teeth and gums. In case you do not have a toothbrush holder, make sure you put in a large enough container to circulate air.

Stick To Your Healthy Eating Habits

Very often travelling goes hand in hand with overindulgence, and you might go longer than usual between cleanings. Make tooth-friendly food choices and snack smart. Limit your intake of candies, desserts, chocolate and sweet drinks, including fruit juices. Try instead to eat fibre-rich fresh fruits and vegetables like celery and apples.

These foods clean your teeth and leave minimal sugar residue compared to the enticing processed snacks you find in vending machines and amusement parks.

Make Water Your Best Friend

Water is life and is also vital to a healthy smile. Sipping is better than guzzling more substantial amounts of water. Water is essential especially after snacking or drinking a sugary beverage. The rinse that you give your teeth dilutes the acid and sugar adds a protective cover against cavities and gum disease.

If you’re visiting in areas where you cannot drink the tap water, don’t use it to brush your teeth either. Use treated or bottled water for your oral hygiene.

Gum it Up

When travelling, you may find yourself waiting longer than you’d like to brush your teeth. During these moments, keep your mouth as clean as possible by chewing sugarless gum after eating.  The chewing gum has a natural sweetener known as Xylitol that prevents acid from sticking to the teeth, stimulating saliva flow and scrubbing away food particles from your teeth. It’s a convenient way until you can get to your destination.

Keep Up Your Oral Care

Stick to your regular twice-a-day brushing routine no matter how much fun you’re having. Maintaining proper oral health habits you have at home is significant in protecting your teeth while on holiday.

Emergencies Happen!

To help avoid a dental disaster, here are a few preventive tips;

Pack an over-the-counter pain medicine, such as ibuprofen, in case of a toothache.

Avoid chewing hard candies, ice or other foods that could chip or crack your teeth.

Double-Check Your Dental Insurance

Ensure that you counter check to be aware of medical coverage while travelling in other states.  If you have a travel insurance policy, the insurance company can link you up with a qualified dentist near you in case of any emergency dental care.

If you experience trauma, or severe tooth pain, feel free to contact Vita Dental Spring to discuss your symptoms. We can help you decide if it’s urgent to see a dentist soonest or if you can wait until you return home to seek treatment.