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10 Tips for Sensitive Teeth

10 Tips for Sensitive Teeth 150 150 Tony

10 Tips for Sensitive Teeth

Are you feeling some pain when taking too hot or very cold beverages and foods? Then you may be having sensitized teeth. Well, you may be wondering what causes this condition. Several problems cause sensitive teeth, the fact, however, is that when the root dentin is worn away, the nerves are exposed leading to throbbing pain.

When hot and cold substances contact exposed nerves, you feel unease and a general sense of discomfort. If you have this problem below are the ten useful tips you need to know about the condition.

Use A Toothbrush With Soft Brush Strokes

Having sensitive teeth should not keep you away from brushing your teeth as any further buildup of plaque increases the risk of complicating your oral health as plaque hardens and releases acids that destroy the tooth enamel. However, when choosing a toothbrush, make sure it has short and soft bristles that will not damage the nerves further.

Brush softly and gently to prevent the gums from bleeding or receding. Gentle brushing also preserves the tooth surface and maintains the integrity of the gums.

Use Toothpaste That Suits The Condition

A wide variety of toothpaste is available for helping relieve specific problems. Similarly, there is toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Using this kind of toothpaste is nonetheless not a guarantee but can be helpful in reducing the pain and symptoms thus saving you an unplanned visit to the dentist.

The toothpaste contains strontium chloride and potassium nitrate which are essential in desensitizing the nerve endings in the root area. These compounds also fill the tiny pores on the enamel temporarily thereby reducing the percentage of the root that is exposed.

Change To Fluoridated Mouthwash

Vita Dental Spring advises that fluoride is essential in strengthening the tooth and the enamel. Fluoride prevents bacteria from clinging on the tooth surface making it easier for one to brush and clean the teeth with mouthwash.

Alternatively, you can make homemade mouthwash from a salt solution, as it reduces tooth sensitivity. Besides, the alkaline environment in the mouth keeps away bacteria thus decreasing plaque deposits in the mouth. Therefore, when going shopping for mouthwash, check out for one with fluoride.

Minimize The Intake Of Acidic Foods And Drinks

It is difficult to fully and completely avoid sugary and acidic food. However, there is no harm in reducing the intake of such drinks and food. The high sugar and acids cause damages and erosion to the enamel, which is the primary cause of sensitive teeth. Be keen on what you put in salads as most fruits are also acidic.

Regularly Visit The Dentist

Receding, bleeding and inflamed gums are the leading causes of teeth sensitivity. Having a dentist examine and periodically check the gums can be a more significant step towards achieving a proper healing plan. Let the doctor confirm if the sensitive teeth may be leading to other gum diseases. If some of the suggestions are not helpful, the dentist can prescribe you undergo a root canal treatment as an alternative form of treating the condition.

Moreover, a gum graft can be adopted if the pain is due to loss or wearing out of the gum, along with the root. These are but a few of the treatment procedures that Vita Dental Spring offer if you are suffering from teeth sensitivity.

Avoid Teeth Grinding

Grinding of teeth especially when sleeping increases the chances of having teeth sensitivity, which causes pain and immeasurable discomfort. Severe tooth grinding leads to bruxism. Vita Dental Spring recommends that you use a mouthguard when sleeping. The mouthguard protects the teeth against pressure hence safeguarding them from damages that may arise.

Be Careful About Teeth Whitening

Most tooth whitening substances contain hydrogen peroxide which can cause problems when they reach the sensitive nerves. When suffering from sensitivity, stop any whitening treatment. You can use natural whitening techniques like using coconut oil rather than whiteners with hydrogen peroxide.

Regularly swish coconut oil in your mouth. Coconut prevents bacterial growth and removes germs and other toxins from the gum and tooth surface. It promotes healthier teeth and gums altogether.

Use Cloves To Relieve Pain

Clove is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic spice. They reduce inflammation and minimize pain. You can swish the extract in the mouth as it will help relieve tooth sensitivity. Use clove oil in small amounts as it can be very potent.

Avoid Drinks And Beverages That Increase The Sensitivity

Specific food and drinks such as citrus fruits, ice cream, carbonated drinks worsen teeth sensitivity. You should, therefore, minimize their intake. Consider eating warm foods and taking beverages at room temperature.

Use Garlic

Although garlic causes bad breath, it has compounds (allicin) that are essential in maintaining oral health. It’s one of the highly preferred natural remedy as it reduces bacteria and minimizes pain.

Being with sensitive teeth should not be a source of your worries. These are few of the strategies to follow to reduce the pain brought about by sensitive teeth. Feel free to book an appointment at Vita Dental Spring for more information.