Periodontal Diseases: Tips For Preventing, Managing and Treating
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10 Tips for Preventing, Managing and Treating Periodontal Diseases

10 Tips for Preventing, Managing and Treating Periodontal Diseases 150 150 Tony

Gum disease or periodontal diseases as it is often referred to ranges from a simple gum inflammation to a serious infection of the gum that can result in serious damage of the soft tissue in the mouth and the bone that supports teeth.

Left untreated, periodontal diseases can easily lead to teeth being shed. It is therefore imperative for all to understand the dynamics of this dreaded disease and know how to prevent it from attacking your gums. Periodontal disease is one of the most common complications that are reported to us here at Vita Dental Spring and we thought it wise to provide you with tips on how to prevent, manage and treat periodontal diseases. Here are the tips;

10 Tips for Preventing, Managing and Treating Periodontal Diseases


Brush on a regular basis

When we eat food, some particles are lodged in the spaces between teeth. Over a period of time the particles accumulate and the action of the bacteria and mucus contained in the mouth leads to the development of a sticky hard substance referred to as plaque which kick-starts the inflammation process.

If you brush on a regular basis and get rid of the particles before they accumulate, then you can mitigate the effects and reduce the chances of suffering from gum diseases.

Get professional cleaning twice in a year

Flossing and brushing can only eliminate so much plaque from your mouth! It is therefore imperative to ensure that you get your teeth to get cleaned at-least twice a year by a dentist. This is the surest way of getting rid of any remnants in the mouth and any hardened tartar. This will prevent the development of any periodontal diseases.

Avoid sugary foods

The chief cause of periodontal disease are food remnants, especially sugary foods. In an effort to reduce your chances of getting periodontal diseases, therefore, you’ll need to cut back on your intake of sugary foods. Candy, junk and other acidic foods intake should be reduced completely. If you have to eat the said foods, then ensure that you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth afterward.


If you have already suffered from any form of periodontal disease then use these tips to prevent the conditions from getting worse.

Use Xylitol to prevent worsening of your periodontal diseases

Xylitol, which is present in some mouthwashes, is alcohol which destroys bacteria that cause infections to the gums and teeth. Other than in mouthwashes, Xylitol is also present in some chewing gums and you can buy these gums and chew them to help eliminate any bacteria in the mouth.

Increase your water intake to reduce spreading of periodontal diseases

Without enough water to flush the bacteria to the stomach where they can easily be killed by the acids present there, the bacteria will accumulate in the mouth and increase the chances of aggravating periodontal diseases and spreading it even further.

Follow the prescriptions of your dentist

Other than the above-mentioned tips, you’ll need to follow the prescriptions of our dentist to the letter. Prescriptions given to you will help your gums to heal and you should religiously follow the instructions to ensure that your periodontal diseases heal and don’t spread any further.

Treatment of Periodontal diseases

Scale and polish

Scale and polish involve the removal of the tartar from the surface of the teeth. It involves the use of special equipment to scrape away the tartar from the surface of your teeth.

Root Planing

Root planing is almost the same as scale and planing only that it focuses under the gums. It involves deep cleaning of the area under gums in order to get rid of the bacteria contained in the roots of teeth.

Surgery and prescription

If the infection is not as severe, the dentist might opt to just prescribe some medication which will help kill the bacteria and prevent further spreading of the infection in the mouth.  Surgery is also an option though dentists tend to use it as the last resort when all the other treatments have failed.

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