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10 Tips for Adolescent Orthodontic Care 

10 Tips for Adolescent Orthodontic Care  150 150 Tony

10 Tips for Adolescent Orthodontic Care 

There are a few good reasons why adolescence is the best stage for orthodontic treatment. Although in some cases, earlier treatment is recommended. One of the reasons is because of the teeth development. By the age of 11 to 13, most children have lost their baby teeth and the permanent teeth are in place. This is the best time an orthodontist can correct most of the problems that result in a bad bite.

Another reason is that as children get older orthodontic problems do not improve but get worse. It is easier to treat them at the adolescence age as the body is growing. In later years, the jaw and face bones might be fully developed making it harder and costly to treat orthodontic problems.

It is also common to get other adolescents with braces such that your child will not be alone. Some adolescents even make friends with others and encourage each other as they go through the orthodontic treatment process.

However, you may find that your teenager is more concerned about the teasing due to his or her braces rather than the end result of health straight teeth. In such a case, you can encourage your teenager to wear his or her braces confidently using the below tips.

Start with education

If your teenager has braces, it is best to research on all there is to know about them. This way you will be prepared when your teen asks questions about them. Educate your child on the need for braces and the best ways to clean them. When your child understands why the braces are important they are likely to embrace them. Many online resources can give you tips on how best to deal with a teen undergoing braces treatment.

Offer more support

It is okay to encourage your child about the treatment but it is even more important to walk the treatment process with them. Avoid eating the sticky chocolate when your child is watching and provide your family with healthy meals and consider your teen. For instance, do not pack different foods for your teens just because one has braces and the other one does not. 

Use helpful tools

Several tools can make caring for braces fun for your teen. For instance, most teens are blown away by the idea of using oral irrigation or a shower flosser. Such products might encourage your teen to embrace their braces and their care.

Avoid crunchy foods

Sometimes your teen may complain about the soreness in his mouth due to the braces, as a parent you might be tempted to give him or her something crunchy to relieve the soreness. Do not do it. Crunchy foods are one of the most common causes of emergency visits to orthodontists. They can lead to a loose wire or damage a bracket.

Encourage him or her to share their treatment concerns with you

Teens can suffer in silence when they feel like you are not willing to listen to them. Make your teen know he can voice his or her concerns with you. If he is being bullied or the braces are causing irritations it is good to know he can count on you to offer the needed support.

Seek for alternatives

In some instances, some teens may not take on braces treatment very well. Some will outrightly refuse to have them no matter how much you encourage them. You can seek an alternative form of treatment such as Invisalign that are just as effective.

In case of irritations use a cold drink or cold food

Cold is known to soothe any irritation and inflammations protecting your teen from discomfort. Cold products such as cold yoghurt, ice cream, chilled soups, and cold water can help soothe the pain after the treatment.

If anything goes wrong visit the orthodontist

Do not ignore your teen complaints. Show him you support the treatment by taking him to the orthodontic in case of any problems. This will encourage him to take the treatment seriously but if you are reluctant, he or she might not see the need to take care of his or her braces.

Discuss the expected results

The recommended one year or two-year period that your teen will be expected to wear the braces can seem like a lifetime. However, it helps to discuss the expected results with your teen. Encourage them to follow the rules to speed up the treatment.

Seek the help of your orthodontist

Orthodontists have dealt with many difficult teenagers whom might not want anything to do with braces. The orthodontist will know how to push the right buttons to motivate your teen to get braces and take good care of them.

At Vita Dental, we offer braces treatment to teens and we have done so for many teens. If you are having issues convincing your teen to have the treatment visit us at Spring Texas and meet our friendly staff who will talk to him or her and give you tips to ensure successfully brace treatment.

Our prices are also affordable and we accept most commercial insurances. Additionally, our orthodontists are board certified. You can be sure when you visit us you will have the most professional and friendly services.