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10 Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth

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10 Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth

If you do not take good care of teeth, you will lose them. Tooth loss is normal in small children as they lose the milk teeth. At some point in the life of a young child, the teeth simply fall off and are replaced by adult teeth. However, if teeth do not fall off naturally due to age, you are possibly exposing yourself to some hidden consequences. In the past, it was considered normal to lose teeth as you age. However, modern dentistry now knows that if you take good care of your teeth, you could keep them for life. Here are some of the hidden consequences of losing teeth that we at Vita Dental Spring have prepared.

Diminished Memory

Recent research that was conducted in England showed that there was a connection between missing teeth and a good memory. According to this study, the lower the number of real teeth, the harder it was for people to recall things. The results were published in the European Journal of Oral Sciences. The study showed that patients who had more natural teeth were 4% more likely to remember the past than those with few real teeth.

Taking More Medication

Another study showed that people with more missing teeth were also more likely to be taking more medication. Since they do not have the teeth to process many types of foods, they are likely to be unhealthier and thus fall sick more often. When medication is taken too often, it comes with its own side effects, which only make the health of the person with missing teeth worse.

Loss of Facial Aesthetics

The teeth play a crucial role in shaping the face. Once a person loses teeth, a series of cascading events can cause the face to become uneven and lose its aesthetics. Many people may not know this but the sunken face look is because of losing teeth and not due to old age. If you maintain all your teeth to old age, your face might not change that much.

Loss of Job Progression Opportunities

If you have missing teeth, it might be a bit more difficult for you to get a job. For one, during the interview, the interviewers take smiling as a sign of confidence. If you have missing teeth, you might not smile that much and people might mistake for something else. As a result, it might be quite difficult for you to progress in your job in future.

Psychological Issues and Low Self Esteem

When you have self-esteem, it can really knock down your self-esteem. It can be even worse for a child who loses a tooth while they are still young. They might have to go through life feeling different, which might affect them later in life. That is why it is important to ensure your child takes care of their teeth from an early age.

Bone Loss

Once a tooth is disconnected from the jawbone, the jawbone begins to lose bone mass in that area. Teeth usually stimulate and support the growth of bone material in the jaw. When this happens, the jawbone stimulates and support facial muscles. When the jawbone is diminished and does not support the muscles, they could easily become atrophied. It is thus important to take good care of teeth if you want to avoid having a reduced jawbone.

Shifting Teeth

The teeth are firmly implanted in the jawbone. However, they can start shifting with time. Teeth are always shifting but if you are missing teeth, the shift is much faster. Adjacent teeth will try to shift and fill the gap where the tooth is missing. This shift is not coordinated, which means all your teeth could end up becoming quite crooked.

TMJ Issues

When you lose a tooth, one of the things that will happen is that your bite will become affected due to shifting teeth. With a bad bite comes the TMJ. This is where you experience jaw pain and sometimes accompanied by jaw locking because of how bad your bite has become. The only way to avoid these issues is to replace this tooth soon or to avoid losing the tooth.

Problems with Speech

Losing teeth, especially the frontal teeth, is quite bad. It could make it impossible for you to pronounce some words. This could cause people to develop a negative perception of you. Besides that, it could deny you the chance to make public speeches, which are also a way to market yourself to potential employers.

Gum Disease

It may not seem obvious but gum disease is one of the effects of losing teeth. For one, the bacteria have a wider surface area on which to rest. Besides that, flossing becomes almost impossible. The result is that it could lead to a domino effect; the adjacent teeth will also fall off. The only way to avoid tooth loss is to eat well and practice good oral hygiene.