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10 Floss Tips to Properly Floss Teeth

10 Floss Tips to Properly Floss Teeth 150 150 Tony

10 Floss Tips to Properly Floss Teeth

Flossing removes plaque and food remains that brush bristles cannot reach. Flossing on a daily basis significantly reduces the chances of developing gum diseases. It also helps in the eradication of bad breath. There are endless reasons on why you shouldn’t be missing out on flossing as an oral hygiene practice. Let us look at the tips that will help you floss your teeth properly to retain maximum benefits.

Pick The Best Dental Floss

There are various types of floss in the market and each work effectively on various types of teeth. You need to identify what type of floss works for you. Nylon floss, for example, is made up of numerous strands of nylon fabric that makes it possible to fall apart. PTFE floss, on the other hand, comes in a single strand which makes it possible to squeeze in between the tightest of spaces. Your dentist may take you through the best floss for your teeth.

Holding The Floss Appropriately

Wrap the floss on one of your index fingers while the thumb gives the floss a proper grip. Eighteen inches of the floss will be enough to provide a good grip. Leave about three to four inches of the floss exposed and repeat the gripping procedure on the other index finger.

Actual Flossing

Pick which tooth you would like to begin flossing. It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you cover all teeth. You can now slide in the floss in between the teeth down to the gum line gently. Be sure not to hurt the gums while flossing. After having  flossed down and up, back and forth, move to the next tooth with an unused section of the floss. While flossing, curve the floss to a c-shape and slide back and forth against the target tooth. You may get these practical tutorials from the Vita Dental Spring clinic with the help of a hygienist or dentist.

Start With The Upper Teeth

Despite insisting that flossing should be comfortable for everyone to whichever method seems more straightforward, starting with the upper teeth should be the procedure. Beginning with the upper teeth ensures that the debris falls to the lower teeth which will be cleaned after. This eventually makes your work easier. 

Floss Your Teeth At Least Once Every Day

While you are required to brush your teeth at least twice every day, the American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day preferably after the last meal of the day. Check in at your favorite dental clinic, Vita Dental Spring clinic to have your check-up and update on the progress after incorporating proper flossing techniques.

When Should You Floss?

Is there a formula when it comes to flossing and brushing schedules? What should go first? Some people prefer brushing before flossing since the toothbrush does the bulky work followed by flossing those hard to reach areas in between teeth and in the hind teeth. Other people choose to floss first so that the brushing will clear away the debris dislodged by the flossing procedure. Also, it allows additional fluoride to reach the gaps in the teeth. Whichever method you use to go along with, will do the job just fine as long as you take your time.

Rinsing Your Mouth After Flossing

Whether you choose to brush after flossing or vice versa rinsing should come next as this will wash any remaining dislodged particles in the mouth. You can go along with fresh running water or anti-bacterial mouthwash to eliminate any bacteria and also to give more protection to your gums and teeth.

Include Flossing In Your Day’s To-Do List

Does it feel a little extra combining flossing with other daily habits? If you are new to routine flossing, the chances are that you will floss depending on your mood. You will probably skip the flossing part since you haven’t instilled the habit into your daily routines. You could make it a bit fun by probably flossing in the shower. It only takes a couple of minutes to maintain that smile.

Try A Floss Holder

Some people have difficulty reaching the back of the mouth while flossing mainly because their arms may be too huge to reach or perhaps short fingers and little mouths coupled with many teeth. All these reasons are valid but don’t let the small imperfections turn you away from flossing. There is a tool known as the floss holder that has a handle allowing you to reach the areas that seemed hectic to reach. Visit the Vita Dental Spring Clinic to talk to a highly qualified dentist about this issue. Let them solve your dental problems and queries.

Do Not Recycle Any Used Piece Of Floss

Unlike the toothbrush that can be reused until three months of use, a used piece of floss cannot be reused. Dispose of a used floss since it won’t be as effective. Firstly, the thread is mostly worn out after a single use, and it could leave behind bacteria causing infections or narrowing the flossing work back to zero.